The main stories hosted on this website are named by its appearance in the game, divided by Scenarios, Stages, Scenes and whether it is before the battle, or after the battle. The naming follows the following guideline:
[Language] Scenario stage-scene-battle
Scenarios are the World, or Map of the story: Fuyuki, Orleans, Septum/Roma,... On this website, these are written by the name of the scenarios.

Stages are the different locations in the scenario. In the guideline, the stage is reflected by the position at which the stage can be accessed, starting from 1 for the first stage, 2 for the second stage and so on. Re-visited stages during main quests will have different stageNumber.

Scenes are the battles in a stage. The scene in the guideline reflects the position of the battle, similar with stage.

battleCode is either a for stories before the battle, and b for stories after that.

For example, for the story before the 3rd battle of the 8th stage in Orleans, the English translation will be named as [English] Orleans 8-3-a

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