Friday, June 24, 2016

[English] Orleans 7-2-a

Translator: ItsumoKnight
Editor: Aister

Marie Antoinette: I wonder if we’ll be there soon.

Jeanne: Yes, we’ll be there soon.

Jeanne: ……to see a city I once knew in ruins, it saddens me but……

The party quietly walks towards Lyon, a once magnificient city, now in ruins

Jeanne: ……there’s no one here anymore, is there.

Mashu: Doctor, are there any life signs—

Dr. Roman: ……

Mashu: Doctor?

Mashu: My apologies. It seems the communication signal is weak here.

Mashu: Let’s split up; the “Dragon Slayer” that Saint Martha was talking about should be around here.

Marie Antoinette: Mm, so it’s a contest to see whomever finds them first. Amadeus and I shall take the west.

Jeanne: Then, Mashu and I will search the east.

Mashu: Got it. Let’s go Master!

The split up parties searched around the ruins, trying to find a clue as to where this Dragon Slayer is, and probably, to look for any survivors too

Jeanne: This was once a beautiful city. So why did this “Dragon Witch” do such a—

She’s a fake. She’s not you.

Jeanne: It’d be nice if that was the case………… huh? Just now, did you hear voices?

Mashu: Yes, faintly. It might be survivors, let’s go see.

They ran to the source of the sound, only to find a disturbing scene.

Jeanne: ……no!

Mashu: Undead……!

Jeanne: The people of this city, they’ve been turned into monsters…… this is too much!

Mashu: They’re too far gone to be saved. ……switching to battle mode, Master!

Put them to peaceful rest. A requiem for their souls.

Mashu: Understood, Master!

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