Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 8-3-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Mashu: We’ve finished almost all the wyverns. Finally next is…

Just then, within the enemy's rank, two figures appeared.

???: Arrrrrr!!

???: ...

Amadeus: ...Bastard….!

Marie Antoinette: My, what a coincidence. I haven’t forgotten your face.

???: That makes me happy. I haven’t forgotten you either, my nostalgic lady. White just like snow.

???: And again, it seems fate has brought us back to reminiscent situation. There must be a special connection between us.

???: Aren’t I right? I believe it is destiny for me to be your executioner a second time.

Amadeus: …. Not just during your original life, but execute Marie a second time?

Amadeus: Charles-Henri Sanson. It seems you really have lost your mind haven’t you?

Sanson: Such a lowly human, how unpleasant you are to disturb my conversation with me and my destined lady.

Sanson: Amadeus. I declare you to be creature of human filth. You see, I’m different. Humans are holy.

Sanson: That is why, I shall give you the honor of being executed. You and I could never see eye to eye.

Sanson: You are a piece of trash incapable of loving humans. You do not understand the preciousness of her, you don’t deserve to be by her side.

The dark figure started to charged at Mashu. Luckily she defended just right when the blow hit.


Mashu: Ku….!

Mashu: What a strong blow! Master, stay back!

Mashu: This servant… of all the servants we’ve faced so far, he’s the most frightening!

Marie Antoinette: Look at the sky! There are also wyverns flying around!

Jeanne: …! I must protect the French army! You two take care of the servant!

Jeanne ran to the French army, leaving the party behind...

Sanson: My executioner’s blade is pure.

Sanson: I did not want to dirty it lives not to be executed but…

Sanson: If I think about, right now this country is an entire execution ground. Your necks, I shall cleave it in one clean blow.


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