Wednesday, December 28, 2016

[English] Orleans 15-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Jeanne: ….

Mashu: Jeanne-san, you’ve been acting strange what’s wrong?

Jeanne: No, I’ve got a strange feeling…. It’s nothing, it’s not a big deal.

Jeanne: More importantly, it’s time to face the “Dragon Witch”. There’s nothing that can stop us now.

Jeanne: Let’s go!

They quickly headed to Jeanne Alter

Jeanne Alter: …. You’re arrived quicker than I expected. What do you plan on doing?

Jeanne: “Dragon Witch”.

Jeanne Alter: You’ve finally reached me here. Gilles should be still alive but did you restrain him somehow?

Jeanne Alter: Well whatever, I’ve already finished my preparations.

Jeanne: Let me tell you this…. These are Marie’s words.

Jeanne: This is the one thing, that I want ask as well.

Jeanne Alter: It’s a little late for questions.

Jeanne: It’s an extremely simple question. Do you, remember your family?

Jeanne Alter: …………………… What?

Mashu: Jeanne….san?

Jeanne: Like I said, it must be a simple question.

Jeanne: No matter how vivid the memories of the battlefield are, I still remember my many distant memories as a country girl.

Jeanne: Even though you are my dark side, there’s no way you could’ve forgotten your pastoral lifestyle.

Jeanne: No, because you could not forget, you despaired, grieved, and resented in betrayal and hatred.

Jeanne Alter: I, am….

Jeanne: You don’t remember, your memories do you?

Jeanne Alter: That’s…. that’s, so what!

Jeanne Alter: Whether I have my memories or not, I am a part of Jeanne D’arc and that’s something that can’t be denied!

Jeanne: You are right. Whether you have the memories or not, it doesn’t matter.

Jeanne: However, because of that, I’ve decided now. I will defeat you, “Dragon Witch”, not with rage but with compassion.

Jeanne Alter: Servant!

With a flash, the shadow servants from Fuyuki appeared

Mashu: That’s…. the servant from Fuyuki! How can this be possible…!

Jeanne Alter: I didn’t have enough time to summon the type of servant I normally would but I can summon as much as I want for a servant of this level.

Jeanne Alter: Slaughter them!

Mashu: Master, they’re coming!

Let’s go, Mashu! ?!

Mashu: Understood!


  1. Thanks, can't wait for the ending. Keep up the good work.

  2. Same here - and this scene is actually good.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. If it weren't for you all, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the game as I have.