Saturday, March 4, 2017

[English] Septem 05-1-a

Translator: Jiay
Editor: Aister

Nero: , are you not riding a horse?

Mashu: I have horse riding skills but.... um, Senpai is not very used to horses.

Mashu: Senpai, are you okay? You've been walking long distances. Aren't you starting to get tired?

This is fine What about you Mashu? Are you okay?

Mashu: Incredible. Before you came into Chaldea, you were an outdoor type of guy huh.

Mashu: I have no problem. Since I'm a demi-Servant, my stamina is off the charts.

Dr. Roman: Don't try to match with Mashu, . Demi-servant stamina stats are way too different.

Dr. Roman: You should have just honestly rode a horse. Did almost falling off from one become a trauma?

Mashu: Doctor. Please, don't tease Senpai too much.

Dr. Roman: Ahahaha. Man, it's just so boring doing only information backup.

Dr. Roman: ....Wait. There's life signals up ahead. It's not a Servant, but it seems like it's enemies.

Nero: Hm, hm. Sir Magus without appearance is very useful!

Nero: Faster than my scout I see. If you wish, I can think about granting you the position of Court Magus.

Dr. Roman: Gulp. Working in a palace....Promotion....?

Mashu: .....Doctor.

Dr. Roman: Hey hey, that was seriously just a joke. I mean working at a palace, come on.

Dr. Roman: Anyway they're coming, a huge number, coming from both sides! Start getting into battle formation now!

Nero: Hm, let's trample them! , I leave you the army on the left!

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