Thursday, February 11, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 3-1-a

Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

Olga Marie: Stop. Before we start, don't you have something to tell me, ?

Nope, nothing. Yeah, not really.

Olga Marie: ...You really do have terrible memory. Back in the control room, remember?

Mashu: Oh! She's referring to that part where you dozed off, Senpai.

Mashu: This should help you remember, here---

Mashu: We made it. Senpai's spot is... at the front row.

Mashu: Feel free to take any open spot up front. I'm sorry that you have to face the director.

Olga Marie: ......

Lev: It's best to cut the chatter. We're starting soon.

Olga Marie: We're a little late, but it looks like everyone's here.

Olga Marie: Welcome to the covert organization, Chaldea. I'm your director, Olga Marie Animusphere.

Olga Marie: Each and every one of you here possess a unique set of talents, and have been hand picked from all around the globe.

Olga Marie: The talent refers to your aptitude in performing Spiritual Dives, as well as the possession of Magical Circuits, making you Master candidates.

Olga Marie: Some of you may find this hard to believe, but I assure you it is the truth.

Olga Marie: You are a new batch of Magi with the unprecedented mix of scientific and magical aptitude alignments.

Olga Marie: However, it is merely a unique talent you possess. This does not make any one of you special in any way.

Olga Marie: You now stand where everyone else has started from, as an inexperienced rookie. Keep that in mind.

Olga Marie: Doubly so for those dispatched from the Association. Make no assumptions that you are any better.

Olga Marie: Chaldea is under my jurisdiction. Your birth status and past achievements do not matter here.

Olga Marie: First and foremost, my orders are absolute. Your opinions are not needed.

Olga Marie: Complaints will not be entertained. You are nothing more than tools for protecting humanity's history.

Olga Marie: ...Quit the mumbling. I just told you no complaints will be entertained.

Olga Marie: You, over there. Yes you, the one that was late. Do you have anything to say?

...... ......Snore.

Olga Marie: ... ...Am I seeing this right?

Olga Marie: Falling asleep while standing upright... I'm not sure if I should be impressed.

Recruit(Female): What is this, this is not what we were told! Weren't we chosen for our outstanding talent and expertise!?

Recruit(Female): We were buttered up, and agreed to come all the way here to the boonies. And now you demand our absolute obedience? Stop kidding yourself!

Recruit(Male): Exactly, this is crossing the line!

Recruit(Male): A Mage's bloodline is what defines them, yet you expect us to ignore it!?

Olga Marie: Silence, I did not permit you to speak! This is what I call a god complex!

Olga Marie: I will be the only one doing the talking from here on out. Those that are unsatisfied, feel free to leave Chaldea!

Olga Marie: Though there's no flights available to send you back.

Olga Marie: If you have the will to trek down an alpine tundra of 6000 meters, that will be an entirely different story.

Olga Marie: Excellent, I see nobody left. Geez, that was such a waste of time.

Olga Marie: It is critical for you to understand our, no, all of humanity's current condition.

Olga Marie: Look at over there and learn. No complaints whatsoever, complete obedience. How admirable.

Olga Marie: ...Moving on. Do you understand now? Today's---

Mashu: Do you remember now, Senpai?

...Somewhat. ...One way or another.

Olga Marie: You only just remembered? So you really wasn't listening, weren't you!?

Olga Marie: Ah, geez! Sit down! Coming to a Singularity Point without knowing the situation nor our mission is beyond funny!

Olga Marie: It can't be helped, I'll brief you from the beginning. Listen close. We at Chaldea---

Mashu: That can wait, director. I'm reading enemies!

Alright, prefect timing! Prepare for battle, Mashu!

Olga Marie: Ah, wai-! Listen to me!

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