Thursday, February 11, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 3-1-b

Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

Olga Marie: ...Phew. Good job. The nuisance is gone now, back to where I was...

Mashu: You mean you still have things to say, director?

Olga Marie: Of course! ! Don't tell me you've already forgotten!

Olga Marie: The briefing was just getting started! I mean, we haven't even covered the important parts!

Olga Marie: Remember, now! R・E・M・E・M・B・E・R!

...It can't be helped. ...You're such a pain.

Dr. Roman: Hey, now. The director's speeches are really dull, but undeniably useful, .

Dr. Roman: It's an important topic explaining the reason Master candidates are gathered at Chaldea.

Olga Marie: Do you understand now? Today is the day. The day where Chaldea will leave the mark of a grand achievement in humanity's history.

Olga Marie: The discovery of knowledge. Founding of religions. Acquisition of naval technology. Advancements on information technology. Space exploration.

Olga Marie: We will leave an achievement that is comparable to the [Cultivation of Stars]. No, one that exceeds even that.

Olga Marie: We will not be a mere stepping stone in the development of civilizations. We will be the hands of God whom protects them.

Olga Marie: We will stabilize all anomalies in human history, and take measures to revolutionize the future.

Olga Marie: We will watch over humanity's evolution process from the primates. In other words, we will observe and ensure the continued progression of humanity.

Olga Marie: That is Chaldea's, and now your very own raison d'etre.

Olga Marie: Chaldea has achieved countless breakthroughs to date, such as the magical device used to monitor the past, Laplace.

Olga Marie: Chaldean Projection, which displays a model of Earth's environment. Completion of the Future Observation Lens, Shiva.

Olga Marie: Heroic Spirit summoning system, the Fate Construct, and the launch of the Spiritual Computator, Trismegistus.

Olga Marie: With the help of these technology, we at Chaldea have observed humanity's progress hundreds of years into the future.

Olga Marie: We are not predicting the future, merely observing it. Just like observing the constellations, Chaldea has been watching the future.

Olga Marie: Whatever the future holds, our job is to ensure that even hundreds of years later, humanity will continue progressing.

Olga Marie: Please look up. This is Chaldea's greatest achievement to date---

Olga Marie: Created with the use of advanced magical theories, a projection Earth's environmental model, this is Chaldea.

Olga Marie: This is the definition of this planet's soul, a miniature Earth made with it's very soul.

Olga Marie: Because of the difference in stage and scale, we are unable to observe humanity's perception and knowledge.

Olga Marie: But everything on the surface, the land, the brightly lit cities. Those can be observed through Shiva.

Olga Marie: Its current state is set to reflect hundreds of years from now. This Chaldea may very well be the future of Earth itself.

Olga Marie: As long as the light of civilization remains lit within Chaldea, humanity's presence for hundreds of years to come is guaranteed.

Olga Marie: I mean, as long as the lights are lit, it would mean that cities are functioning, people are living, and that civilization is progressing.

Olga Marie: But--- Lev, Normalize Shiva's polarization angle.

Olga Marie: As you can see, six months ago, Chaldea turned into such a state. Future observations have become a difficult task.

Olga Marie: The light of civilization which had shone so brightly so far. Most of it have become unobservable to us.

Olga Marie: Hmm. Nice response. I'm glad you catch on quick.

Olga Marie: Yes. There being no light means that civilization has stopped functioning.

Olga Marie: This is a matter of utmost secrecy, but you reserve the right to know.

Olga Marie: According to our observations, the last observable civilization activity is on July 2016---

Olga Marie: Which means that there is a chance humanity will fall on June of 2016. No, it is guaranteed to happen.

Olga Marie: Needless to say, this shouldn't be possible. It is physically impossible for a global extinction to happen in such a short time span.

Olga Marie: There is no notable economic collapse, nor is there any major seismic activity. Humanity just stopped functioning one day.

Olga Marie: For the past 6 months, we have been studying the cause of this anomaly--- The cause of this mass human extinction.

Olga Marie: If the cause does not lie in the present, then it must be in the past.

Olga Marie: We have, with the use of Laplace and Trismegistus, analyzed 2000 years into the past and have gathered the required information.

Olga Marie: We have looked for events which didn't match up with our current history, events that shouldn't have happened on our current Earth.

Olga Marie: As a result, we have observed some anomalous events taking place here---

Olga Marie: Spatial Singularity F. Year 2004 AD, in a city within Japan.

Olga Marie: Here, we discovered an "Unobservable Area" which did not exist as of 2015 in our history.

Olga Marie: Chaldea labelled this as a potential cause of humanity's eradication, and have carried out Rayshifting experiments with approval by the United Nations.

Olga Marie: Rayshifting is the process of converting a human into spiritual form, and transferring them into the past to intervene with certain events.

Olga Marie: Simply put, it is like time travelling into the past, but this can only be done by certain individuals.

Olga Marie: It is a journey only for Master candidates with superior Magical Circuits.

Olga Marie: Well then--- I believe everyone has gotten a gist of the situation. Your mission will be to investigate this Singularity Point F.

Olga Marie: Traverse into Japan 12 years ago, locate the anomaly which will cause humanity's extinction, and destroy it.

Olga Marie: This is an unprecedented mission. We do not know what will be waiting on the other side.

Olga Marie: However, this shouldn't be an issue for all of you who have been chosen from across the globe. I place all of our hopes on you.

Olga Marie: The upper levels have demanded a swift investigation on this matter. We do not have time to spare.

Olga Marie: We will begin our Rayshifting experiment an hour from now. I believe you have received enough practice in virtual training.

Olga Marie: The first stage will be carried out by Team A, made up of 8 of the top scorers, which will be sent to Singularity Point F.

Olga Marie: The subsequent teams have not been deployed yet, but they are made up of Master candidates chosen by Chaldea.

Olga Marie: Team A has been in operation since a month ago. They can be considered fully-fledged soldiers.

Olga Marie: Team A will form the front lines in Singularity Point F. They will take charge of the base camp's construction to ensure the safety of the subsequent teams.

Olga Marie: Teams B and beyond will monitor their activity while preparing to deploy for stage 2.

Olga Marie: Let's get started with the individual registration process for the human spiritualization converters, the Klein Coffins.

Olga Marie: They are bound to one person only, so sharing is impossible. Please utilize your own Coffins carefully.

Olga Marie: Teams B through D, standby in your Coffins as soon as registrations are complete. You will be the fallback team in case anything happens to Team A.

Olga Marie: ---Do you still have something to say? I have explained everything that you need to know.

Olga Marie: Since you have responded to the Master candidate recruitment, you are nothing more than soldiers now.

Olga Marie: Follow orders, and be prepared for battle at all times. Don't make me repeat things like this.

Olga Marie: Or do you still have questions? Hey, you! The one who was late!

Olga Marie: I will grant you the privilege of asking one question. You look puzzled, do you have any complaints?

Is time travel possible...? Is it fine for us to intervene with the past...?

Olga Marie: ...Have you been paying attention? Do you not understand when I explained about Singularities?

Olga Marie: The singularity we have discovered does not exist within our recorded history.

Olga Marie: It's as if a hole has opened up within the timeline, a hole that is separate from the regular temporal axes.

Olga Marie: The Singularity on the year 2004 exists independent of the past and future. There will be no interference to the anteroposterior axes.

Olga Marie: What's more, the Shift technology is much more reliable than time travelling. There is no need for restitution from the interventions.

Olga Marie: If all of humanity's history is a dress, this Singularity will be a stain on it.

Olga Marie: A speck of hideousness staining what is otherwise beautiful. And all of you are tasked with the removal of this stain.

Olga Marie: And thus returning humanity's history back on the path in line with our previous observations.

Olga Marie: ...Geez. What is the Association thinking, sending someone clueless about even the basics of space-time theory.

Olga Marie: I've even stressed that this mission will be of the highest possible designation within the magic world.

Olga Marie: Whatever. What is your team? ...Let me see your ID.

Olga Marie: What is this, this must've been a mistake! You're merely a standard cooperator, and you don't even have field experience nor any virtual training!

Olga Marie: Do you think Chaldea is a joke!? There is no way an amateur like you could make it in!

Olga Marie: Lev! Lev Reynolds!

Lev: I'm here, director. Why are you so loud, did anything go wrong?

Olga Marie: Of course something is wrong, as usual! It doesn't matter. Get this amateur out of my sight immediately!

Lev: Ah... So this is the problem. But director, too, is a chosen Master candidate.

Lev: Undoubtedly he has less experience than the others, but handling this issue with such harshness is not advised...

Olga Marie: Throwing a green amateur into the midst of such a mission is what's not advised! Will you take responsibility if something happens to Chaldea!?

Olga Marie: Enough. Take to Dr. Romani. Pace through basic training, at the very least!

Lev: ...Ugh. I loath to do this, but there's nothing else I can do. Let's follow her orders for the moment.

Lev: Mashu, can you assign a private room?

Mashu: I understand the situation. I just need to assign Senpai a private room?

Lev: I'm counting on you. I have to oversee the Rayshift preparations.

Lev: Don't worry, this experiment will only take two hours at most. I will pay you a visit in your room afterwards.

Thank you. ......

Lev: Don't mention it. After all, you're in luck.

Mashu: Professor Lev is really thoughtful, aren't you? By any chance, is Professor Lev Senpai's Senpai?

Lev: No, no. I'm just doing what I should. After all, I believe it is important for me to cherish our fated encounter.

Mashu: This way, Senpai. I'll assign Senpai a Senpai room exclusively for Senpai's use.

Mashu: And that concludes the story of Senpai being chased out of the control room. Do you remember now?

I see. Perfectly.

Olga Marie: ...How shameless. You seemed like the quiet type, yet you are so bold.

Olga Marie: Anyways! Do you remember now? How much trouble you caused me before such an important mission!?

Dr. Roman: Er, director Marie? Aren't you exaggerating a bit too much?

Olga Marie: I'm not exaggerating! Thanks to that Q&A session, I've lost the time to get dressed!

Mashu: ? Director, you weren't planning on Shifting. Is there a point in you suiting up?

Olga Marie: Yes.There.Is! There is! I've prepared a special dress for the occasion!

Olga Marie: ...Sigh. I've not even tried it on once... Well, whatever.

Olga Marie: Do you understand you role as a Master candidate, and the mission and responsibilities assigned with that role now?

Olga Marie: Well then, . Once again, I leave my guard duty to you. Please do you utmost.

Understood, great director Marie! ...Why don't you drop the bravado?

Olga Marie: Wh-what's with you? You're creeping me out. F-flattery will not get you anywhere, you hear?

Olga Marie: I'm being myself! I was just nervous earlier! You better watch out once we get back to Chaldea!

Mashu: ...I see you're getting along well. Well then, let's keep moving before more enemies show up.

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