Thursday, February 11, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 3-2-a

Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

Olga Marie: By the way, I assume you at least know the basics about servants?

Nope. I know it quite well

Olga Marie: As I thought. It can't be helped, I will give you a crash course while we move.

Olga Marie: Servants, in general, can be considered the highest grade familiars in the magic world.

Olga Marie: Humanity's heroes, achievements, concepts. They are given form and summoned as Servants.

Olga Marie: Whether they existed or not, they are categorized as "information formed on earth".

Olga Marie: The summoning of Heroic Spirits is the act of taking the information stored on this planet, and shaping them into a form that benefits mankind.

Olga Marie: As we modern humans are naturally entitled to the heritage of the past, it is also our obligation to ensure our continuity in the future.

Olga Marie: Do you get it? The nature of the contract that you have formed, it is to turn a being that is above us humans into a mere tool.

Olga Marie: That is why they are called Servants. They have no choice but to obey the Master as if it's the word of God.

Mashu: Director. Your description is so extreme, even my cells are convulsing in protest.

Olga Marie: ...Hmph. This means the servant that you have merged with is of the Earth element. I'm sure of it.(Wikipedia)

Olga Marie: Yes I am. I'm glad I don't have to start explaining about servants from scratch, at least.

Olga Marie: Heroes of the past that are summoned as familiars are called Servants. The contract holder, or employer, is the Master.

Olga Marie: The are seven classes, which the Servants are categorized into based on their narratives and abilities.

Olga Marie: Giving a spiritual being like Heroic Spirits a physical form is difficult. A human Magi doesn't have enough resources nor memory for such a feat.

Olga Marie: This is why only certain parts of the Heroic Spirit's soul is materialized. And that is where the seven classes comes into play.---

Olga Marie: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, Assassin.

Olga Marie: No matter which Heroic Spirit it is, they will surely manifest as one of the classes.

Olga Marie: This also serves to protect the Servant's, the Heroic Spirit's identity.

Olga Marie: The Heroic Spirits hides their identity precisely because they are powerful, and that makes them famous. For example, Achilles of Greece's legend.

Olga Marie: Achilles is a Heroic Spirit with an invincible body, but at the same time possesses a famous weakness.

Olga Marie: Just as Heroic Spirits inherit their strengths, their weaknesses are inherited as well. That is why their names are hidden behind their classes.

Olga Marie: If the identity is unknown, it will become very difficult to figure out their experiences and weaknesses, won't it?

Olga Marie: That's not all. There is another reason the identities of the Heroic Spirits are hidden.

Olga Marie: There is also the absolute trump card of the Servants. The crystallized miracles that these Heroic Spirits hold-

Mashu: Director, sorry to burst your bubble. I have visual confirmation of enemy life forms. Commencing battle.

Olga Marie: Hii!? T-take care of them, quick! I-I'll look for a place to hide!

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