Saturday, February 13, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 3-3-b

Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

Olga Marie: Sigh... Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings, seriously!

Olga Marie: Even is Romani is on the monitors, this IS still a Singularity Point. We can never be too safe.

Olga Marie: Kirielight, come closer. You're hurt, aren't you? I can treat light injuries like this.

Mashu: Ah... Alright. I'll leave it to you, director Marie.

Dr. Roman: Jeez. The director is so reliable. Only when she's calm though...

Dr.Roman: , allow me to say this. The director... Olga Marie is in a very difficult situation now.

Dr. Roman: She started off in the same way as you did, as a Master candidate.

Dr. Roman: Three years ago, the previous director... her father passed away. She's just a student at the time, and yet she is expected to take over Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: From that point onwards, every single day must've been stressful for her. After all, she has to carry the weight of house Animusphere on her shoulders.

Dr. Roman: She has been giving her all to keep Chaldea running, yet such an anomaly occured at this timing...

Dr. Roman: Hundreds of years of mankind's guaranteed existence into the future vanished from out sights. Complaints and queries from the Association and our Sponsors have been piling up a mountain.

Dr. Roman: The orders drilled into her in the case where such a situation arises is to "Contain the anomaly without a moment's hesitation."

Dr. Roman: What's more, She turned out to have an unusually low aptitude for a Master.

Dr. Roman: The noblest of nobles, one of the twelve lord's houses. Animusphere, whom administrates all matters of Astrology within the Mage's Association.

Dr. Roman: The scandal it must have caused, the head of such a house not being able to become a Master.

Dr. Roman: It's easy to imagine the amount of whisperings behind her back, so much so that they would reach her own ears.

Dr. Roman: Even subjected to such a situation, she gave her all to directing Chaldea. We have made it by the past six months by the skin of our teeth.

Dr. Roman: Truth be told, I have wanted her to come for some Mental care, given her workload, but that's precisely what makes it impossible.

Dr. Roman: And so, do understand that when she deliberately causes you trouble, it's not because she hates you.

I understand. Director is not a bad person. Her reactions are just so interesting...

Dr. Roman: I'm glad you understand. Oh, but the director is a bad person.

Dr. Roman: I can only guarantee that she's not a complete, trashy, waste of space. Deep down, she's stiff as a board.

Dr. Roman: You're such a terrible person. Oh, but I kind of sort of understand what you mean, a little.

Dr. Roman: Director is a pampered princess after all, it's no wonder her reactions are so amusing.

Dr. Roman: But don't say that in front of her. She will be staring at you funny for the rest of the day.

Dr. Roman: In any case, we are depending on the three of you now. Get along with each other and keep the investigation going.

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