Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 3-3-a

Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

Olga Marie: ---

Dr. Roman: I felt the pressure even on the other side of the monitor. The director has a short fuse as usual.

She goes 0-100 in no time. Why is she always mad?

Mashu: Oh, but I understand how the director feels.

Mashu: Sorry to say this, -senpai, but you are too ignorant towards all things Chaldea.

I-Is that so...? It's true I arrived without knowing anything...

Mashu: You're really troublesome. Almost comparable to a good-for-nothing cat.

Mashu: ---Not that I'm any better...

Mashu: Even after two years of effort, I still know nothing. It's as if I've been lazing around instead. Almost comparable to a slow crocodile.

I, I see. Crocodiles do seem clueless...

Mashu: Indeed. What I know is limited to what's written in the catalog. I will try to recite it for Senpai.

Mashu: Human Logic Continuation Security Engine, Finis Chaldea, commonly referred to as simply Chaldea.

Mashu: A laboratory-observatory wherein talented scientists and magi are gathered without bias, with the ultimate goal of preserving humanity's long history and guaranteeing it's continuation.

Mashu: Observing both sides of the world: one where nothing else matters besides magecraft, and another where everything is analyzed scientifically.

Mashu: It is a covert agency founded and funded globally to ensure mankind's continued progress.

Ooh. You sure are smart. Yeah. I know that part.

Mashu: Indeed. Well, that's how it is.

Four: Four!

Mashu: Though Chaldea's funding is sourced from all over the globe, seventy percent of it comes from the Mage's Association in London---

Mashu: Those funds are from Animusphere, Director Olga Marie's house.

Mashu: Chaldea may be a research and observation organization, the internal management is more befitting of a military organization.

Mashu: Extremely strict rules have been laid down. In fact, director's tyranny is a cake walk compared to those rules.

Mashu: The director may not be downright evil, but she's still nasty, anybody that gets on her nerves will be laid off, no questions asked.

Mashu: Oh, er, hold on. I guess that qualifies her as "downright evil", doesn't it?

Mashu: ...I apologize. I was trying to cheer Senpai up, but I'm not used to telling jokes...

Four: Kyuu. Nkyu, kyu!

Olga Marie: Kyaaaaaah! W-what are you doing!?

Olga Marie: Behind, behind you! Isn't that the enemy!?

Olga Marie: Battle formation, hurry!

Mashu: ! Since when have they gotten this close..! Senpai, instructions please!

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