Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[English] Moon viewing Event 2015 2-1-a

Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

Mashu: Light source spotted up front... It's a campfire! We're caught up, Master!

Mashu: But t-that's...---

Marie: Here, Deon. Open wide, aahn-

Deon: M-my thanks, Marie. Here I go... Aahn-

Marie: Fufu. Tasty, is it not? The delectable combination of this chewy texture, and the sweetness of the coarse sugar.

Marie: It even resembles an adorable, fluffy white snowball. I would very much like to know how this is made.

Marie: Here you go, Sanson. These so called Dangos are marvellous!

Sanson: Y-yeah... Then I will gratefully accept, Your Majesty. But are you sure?

Sanson: Even if "Please help yourself" is writen on it, should we really have brought along three tons of these with us?

Marie: Oh my, Sanson. It's alright to be selfish every once in a while, you know?

Marie: It's good to be honest, but too much and you come across as being stiff-necked.

Marie: Geez. Have your guts left you after facing Guillotine?

Sanson: That's not it, Your Majesty. I merely do not approve of Guillotine...

Deon: You ramble, executioner! Her Majesty is being kept waiting!

Deon: We should think of naught but helping Her Majesty. We are fortunate Marie is able to call forth her glass carriage on whim.

Deon: One, two ton is mere child's play. In fact, it's unfortunate we haven't got more.

Marie: Fufu, Deon truly understands a maiden's heart.

Marie: I mean, for something this delicious, we have shown enough mercy by not taking all of it.

Marie: Here, aahn-

Deon: Ahn-.

Sanson: Whoa! You're eating more!? You've already eaten too much already!

Sanson: As a person versed in human anatomy, that level of calorie intake is unacceptable! You will definitely gain weight.

Marie: Geez, your concern is wasted, Sanson. All of my calorie intake goes to my chest.

Marie: The more I eat, the more my chest grows. It's impossible for me to get fat.

Sanson: Wh-what!? Is that true, Marie!?

Sanson: Wait, but... Such a convenient condition is not biologically plausible... No, but if this is true, I'll be able to... Uooh, I'll...!!

Deon: ...Brute. Don't get excited so suddenly. Oh, but Marie is telling the truth.

Deon: Her Majesty will grow to have the top-ranked body in France. I've seen it, and it is truly magnificent.

Sanson: ---Details! I need more details! It's for medical reasons!

Marie: It has nothing to do with biology and medicine! It comes naturally if you are a lady.

Deon: (...Is that so? Her Majesty is probably the only one...)

Sanson: ---! Chevalier!

Deon: ..! Understood! Your Majesty, please stand back.

Mashu: Theft! This is thievery! Please stand down and come with us, you dango thieves!

Marie: Oh, you are...

Marie: You... You are... Who are you? Sanson, do you know them?

Sanson: I can't possibly. It is likely that they just resemble people I once knew.

Sanson: They are probably night bandits attracted to our campfire.

Deon: I agree. It is only in times like this that we can agree with one another.

Deon: Come, draw your blades, you insolent fools. You will be suitably rewarded for disrupting our leisurely time with Her Majesty.

Marie: Hmm... We have definitely met somewhere before.

Marie: But I can't remember... That's weird... I feel so nostalgic...

Marie: Be that as it may, let's fight! Please forgive our violent welcome, nostalgic strangers.

Marie: There are many explanations to be had, but we are enemies now, since I simply cannot hand over these dango.

Mashu: such an egocentric declaraction of war, as expected of Marie!

Mashu: Here they come, Senpai! Let's remind them with our weapons!

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