Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[English] Moon viewing Event 2015 2-2-a

Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

Sanson: Guh...!

Deon: Ku, such blunder...!

Marie: Kya...!

Mashu: The fight is over. Now, let's talk---

Orion: Wait, Mashu. There's someone hiding. This presence, it's just like darling. It's a useless person!

???: Fufufu... Fufufufu... To think that you're able to notice my presence.

Mashu: Se-senpai! There is a pervert hiding in the shade!

???: I am no pervert. I am Masked Amadeus. A fairy that just happened to be passing by.

Marie: Oh my, Masked Amadeus! You are stalking us again!

Deon: You again? You masked pervert, go back to Vienna!

Sanson: Sigh... You are a dependable man indeed. You showed up right as we needed help.

Masked Amadeus: Fufufu... You welcome a freak like me, and even call me dependable? You are a weird one...

Masked Amadeus: It matters not. Marie is in danger, therefore it is on my pride that I step in forcefully.

Masked Amadeus: Well then, travelling strangers. Perpare yourselves.

Masked Amadeus: Marie's the one at fault no matter how I look at it, but hey, justice doesn't exist in my vocabulary.

Masked Amadeus: Alright. Let's get the music started! Light it up, Hugh!

Masked Amadeus: Can you really beat the perverted trio, led by yours truly the God of Music!?

Deon: ---Eh. Wait. Was I included in that sentence!?

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