Monday, February 22, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 8-4-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Mashu: That's enough.---Any more of this continuous combat is ---I'm sorry, Caster---

Mashu: Please give me some lessons with some proper reason in it, please Not will-power like this---

Caster: ---You really don't get it do ya. Was I wrong in my hopes for this lady?

Caster: Well whatever. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Well then, the next opponent'll be me.

Caster: Just because I'm an ally doesn't mean you have to hold back. I'll be out to kill with all I've got too after all.

Mashu: ………!?

Olga Marie: What are you saying? You crazy!? This training's got nothing to do with does it!?

Caster: A Servant's problems are also the Master's problems. Did I not say they're a collective bound together by fate?

Caster: That's the case for you too right, ? When the missy can't stand no more'll be your death.

Mashu: ……! Master……Please, stand back……!

Mashu: I will---Not pull You down……!

Caster: What's how it should be. Well then, let's get straight to this fight with a proper servant!

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