Sunday, February 21, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 8-1-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Mashu: ………………

Olga Marie: Hey, you. . Kyrielite looks like she's depressed.

Olga Marie: You're still a master right? Give her some care will you.

Mashu, what's up? ……Is it……that?

Mashu: ……! No, everything's perfectly normal. I'm functioning normally, master!

Mashu: However, ……everything being perfectly fine, is the problem……

Mashu: ……………Yes. It's pathetic though, coming from me……

Mashu: ………Uhm. Based on your directions, I have amassed enough experience though trials.

Mashu: And yet……I still can't use my Noble Phantasm.

Mashu: I don't even know how to use it. It's like I'm a defective servant………

Four: Fou……

Dr. Roman: Aah, you were worried about that huh. You do have a strong sense of responsibility after all……

Dr. Roman: But I doubt that's something you can pull off in a day. I mean, we're talking ahout a Noble Phantasm after all.

Dr. Roman: If you could use a Heroic Spirit's ace in one or two days, That then would be making Servants lose face, in a way.

Caster: Huh? Such things obviously can be used immediately. Heroic Spirits and Noble Phantasms are the exact same thing after all.

Caster: If the missy can fight as a servant, Then at that point she can use a noble phantasm.

Caster: Not being able to use it Just means that there's a clog in the prana.

Caster: How to put it, motivation? No, energy? Either way, you're just not doing those shouting practices enough y'know?

Mashu: Is that so!? IS. THAAAAAAT. SO!?

Four: FA----!?

Olga Marie: Hey, please don't shout all of a sudden! My eardrums almost burst, seriously!

Mashu: Ah……Excuse me, chief. However, Caster said that I should raise my voice……

Caster: No, that was just an analogy…… Well, either way, it's good that you have the will.

Caster: . The missy's saying stuff like that. You don't mind a short detour yeah?

What do you mean detour? Please don't tease such a pure Mashu.

Caster: Oh, just some special training. It'll finish quickly. The me now's a Caster, y'know? Leave healing to me.

Caster: Before that……Just a lil' bit. To carve misfortune warding rune……There we go.

Olga Marie: Eh? What are you doing? Why are you carving the rune into my coat?

Caster: Well that'd be because if you were attacked you'd be able to handle it yourself, obviously. There, they've come.

???: Grrrr Zuaaaaa……!

Olga Marie: I don't get what's going on---!?

Mashu: C, chief, behind me! Senpai too, please prepare for battle……!

Caster: Good good, with this many gathered it oughta be enough.

Caster: Put simply, the Noble Phantasm's a Heroic Spirit's instinct. If there's reason in the mix it'll be harder to pull off.

Caster: And so~, the plan's to get the missy to use all her spirit and core to the limit! Damn that was badass, me!

This isn't healing, it's nothing but rough treatment! Are you actually an idiot---!?

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