Sunday, February 21, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 6-3-b

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Mashu: Haa……it's finally calmed down. Yeah, we definitely can't talk in peace here.

Caster: M'bad. If I had been summoned as a Lancer, I'd have been able to finish small fries like Sabers with a pierce however.

Caster: Maan, Caster really isn't for me. I'm helpless as a Caster in Fuyuki's Holy Grail War, I tell ya!

So if you were a Lancer……? So it's impossible as a Caster……?

Mashu: It's possible, Sempai. There are those amongst Heroic Spirits who possess the traits of multiple classes.

Mashu: While this person is a user of the spear, He can be thought of a high-level Heroic Spirit, who also possesses a side to him that's a mage.

Mashu: ……It's nothing more than a guess, but he must be amongst the top servants. Almost like he'd be listed in VIVIAN.

Caster: That's how it is. You guys say that you're masters from that Chaldea organisation, but……Well, guess that's fine.

Caster: Just one of the rules of thumb as a Servant, but don't get caught up in things in a time period that isn't yours. We're ultimately cooperating as a weapon after all.

Caster: Your goal is the investigation of this anomaly. Mine's the closure of this Grail War.

Caster: Our interests match. Why don't we just merrily band together?

Olga Marie: ……That is a sound decision, But in that case, who will be your Master?

Caster: Well, that'd obviously be the over there. You don't have the aptitude to be a master, after all.

Caster: No, that ain't something you'd see everyday. The amount and quality of your magical circuits are top-notch, But of all things, you lack the ability to be a master. That some kinda curse?

Olga Marie: Oh shush. That doesn't matter does it!

Olga Marie: , I'll leave that guy to you. Use him well as best you can.

Caster: Well that's settled. It's a contract limited to this town, but let's get along.

Caster: In that case, next thing's to check the objectives. What you people are searching for is without a doubt the Greater Grail.

Dr. Roman: Greater Grail……? Never heard of it; what's that?

Caster: It's the true heart of this land. If there's an irregularity, it can't be anywhere but there.

Caster: But well, the bastard Saber's in the Greater Grail. Along with the what's remaining of the polluted servants.

Olga Marie: The ones remaining are Berserker and Archer? How are they, those two. Strong?

Caster: The bastard Archer is well, it'll be fine with me around. The main issue's Berserker.

Caster: That's a monster that even Saber'd have problems with. Well, so long as you don't come near him he won't attack, so ignoring him's also an option.

Dr. Roman: I understand the situation. We will aim for the Greater Grail with Mr. Caster.

Dr. Roman: Mr. Caster, can we trust you with the way?

Caster: Don't bother with 'Mr'. I'll show you the path. When we go in will be up to the .

Dr. Roman: Much appreciated. Let us resume the search then. All the best,

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