Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 8-5-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Mashu: Ah……Did I…… Deploy……My Noble Phantasm……?

Caster: ---Whew, I thought you managed to save Only your life, but to think you managed to save everyone, master and all.

Caster: Rejoice……No, guess that's wrong. Praise her .

Caster: This lady who has become your servant Is without a doubt a useable Heroic Servant.

Mashu: Sempai……Just now, I……!

Yeah, Congrats, Mashu. Yep, it was awesome, Mashu

Mashu: ……!

Four: Fou, Fo----u!

Dr. Roman: ……I'm surprised. To think that you'd be able to use your Noble Phantasm so quickly. And to think that Mashu's mental was this strong too……

Caster: Well, your way of looking at it was mistaken. The missy's one of, y'know, the people who protect.

Caster: There's no helping the results if you taught a bird how to swim right? You have to teach them how to fly high.

Caster: But well……even so Guess you didn't manage to take hold of your true name huh.

Mashu: Ah……Yes. I'm able to use my Noble Phantasm now, But I still don't know the Noble Phantasm's name, or the Heroic Spriit's name……

Olga Marie: ……Yes, even if inexperienced…… Even if temporary……

Olga Marie: You opened your Noble Phantasm wishing that didn't you, Mashu.

Olga Marie: To gain your true name and become one of the chosen.--- You didn't have a single grain of desire to become the Heroic Spirit itself.

Olga Marie: That's why even the Noble Phantasm heeded your call. Oh man, some touching story this is. Can almost call this a fairy tale.

Mashu: Uhm, chief……

Olga Marie: It's only sarcasm, pay it no mind. The fact that you can use your Noble Phantasm now is a cause for celebration.

Olga Marie: But isn't it inconvenient to use your Noble Phantasm without it's name? I'll think up a good incantation for you.

Olga Marie: It's an imitative deployment of the Noble Phantasm so……Yes, Name it Lord Chaldeas.

Olga Marie: Chaldea is a meaningful name even to you. Is it not an apt spell for activating your spiritual foundation?

Mashu: Y, Yes……! Thank you very much, chief!

Dr. Roman: Lord Chaldeas……Yeah, that's good. It's very fitting for Mashu!

Dr. Roman: If so then wanting to try it out is natural. Caster, can we trust you to be Mashu's partner?

Caster: Yeah, of course. Even if I held back, She did manage to completely defend against it.

Caster: As your senior I'll hammer the basics of Noble Phantasms into you. Are you ready, , missy?

Mashu: Yes! Please go ahead!

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