Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 9-3-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Caster: The Greater Grail's in here. I'mma head in fer a bit, so don't get left behind.

Mashu: It looks like……a natural cave, But has it been here in Fuyuki city from the beginning?

Olga Marie: Probably. This is half natural, half man-made. It's an underground workshop that magi have spent many moons to expand.

Olga Marie: More importantly, Servant Caster. We have yet to check something very important.

Olga Marie: Do you know the true name of Servant Saber? You sound like you've fought them several times, from the way you talk.

Caster: Yeah, I know it. Everyone whose taken her Noble Phantasm would Be able to reach her true name……her identity.

Caster: The reason why the other servants were defeated is too, Because her Noble Phantasm is too powerful.

Mashu: A powerful Noble Phantasm……you say. What do you mean?

Caster: That which comes after the sword in the stone which designates kings. It would be the most well known holy sword in your era.

Caster: It's name is,

Servant: The Sword of Promised Victory - Excalibur. The blade weld by the one who is honoured with the title King of Knights, King Arthur.

: !?

Olga Marie: Servant Archer……!

Caster: @Oh, speak of the devil, the devotee makes an entrance! You still protecting the Holy Sword user as always?

Archer: ……Hmph. I don't remember ever becoming a devotee however. I'll only do my job, nothing short of chasing away pathetic guests.

Caster: So you're pretty much a gatekeeper then. I haven't a clue What you're protecting Saber from, but let's settle our score here.

Caster: A neverending game's boring right? Come what may, the players have to make their moves right?

Archer: Going by the way you're speaking that you know the gist of things then. Even after seeing the big picure are you greedily going after your desires……

Archer: I see that you don't change even after becoming a magus. I shall literally beat you anew with this blade.

Caster: Hah, what're you talking about, archer. Wait, oy, what're you doing spacing out, missy?

Caster: The enemy's Archer. Without your shield I won't be able to chant properly?

Mashu: Ah……Y, Yes! Sorry, I was out of it for some reason.

Mashu: No problem, I can proceed. Please leave guarding to me!

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