Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 9-3-b

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Archer: You've thought it though huh, Magus of Flowers……! To think that there would be such a way to use this Noble Phantasm……!

Caster: Oh! Rid yourself of regrets and disappear, disappear. The missy and I are enough for beating the Holy Sword.

Mashu: ……I'm glad you trust me, But would I really be able to defend against it?

Mashu: ……Uhm, this iss the well known holy sword of King Arthur. It seems like too much of a role to me that my fingers are shaking.

Caster: You'll have no choice but to go through with [#willpower:guts] there. But well, from how it looks like to me, you'll be extraordinarily effective against fighting her.

Caster: That shield won't break. If you were to lose, It'll probably be when you, the one supporting the shield, screw up.

Caster: If you let go of the shield, The Master behind you would evaporate in a split second.

Caster: You hear? You don't have to think about winning against the Holy Sword. All you have to think about is protecting your Master.

Caster: You're good at that, right?

Caster: Well. Leave stopping Saber to me, And do whatever you want, basically.

Mashu: ……Okay. That advice seems like it would be very helpful.

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