Friday, February 26, 2016

[English] Orleans 1-1-a

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Mashu: Phew. Looks like we were able to arrive safely, senpai.

Mashu: Last time we had some problems, but this time we were in coffins. My body seems to be normal condition too.

Four: Fooou! Fooou, foooou!

Mashu: Four-san? You followed us again?

Four: Fouuuuu….nkyuuu, kyuuuu….

Four can rayshift too? Did he sneak into your coffin, Mashu?

Mashu: It seems so. He probably snuck along on one of our coffins.

Mashu: Fortunately, there’s nothing odd about this for Four-san.

Mashu: Because of our fixation, when we need to return, we’ll be able to go back automatically.

…if that’s the case, there’s no problem… Then we should return home safely for Four’s sake too, eh?

Mashu: Yes. We’re all in this together.

Mashu: Master. Time coordinates confirmed. It seems this is 1431.

Mashu: We can conclude that we are currently in the middle of the Hundred Years’ War. However, there should be a brief pause in the fighting around this time period.

Pause? There’s a pause in the fighting?

Mashu: Yes. Given the name, one might expect the Hundred Years’ War to continue for a century straight, but that is false.

Mashu: Thus, this time period’s war is relatively relaxed.

Mashu: Captured knights were regularly ransomed and released for gold…senpai?

Look at the sky ……

Mashu: What….eh?

Dr. Roman: Yes! Connection line established! The image’s a bit rough, but at least we can transmit visuals now!

Dr. Roman: Hey, what’s wrong, you two? You’re all just staring at the sky.

Mashu: Doctor, I’m sending an image. What is that?

Dr. Roman: That is…

Dr. Roman: A ring of light…no, some kind of growing satellite orbit for some magic ritual…?

Dr. Roman: Either way, it’s ridiculously huge. Could it be the same size as the North American continent…?

Dr. Roman: Anyhow, such a phenomenon isn’t in any records of 1431.

Dr. Roman: It seems pretty clear that’s involved in destroying the future. Analysis shows Rev was here, so there’s not much choice…

Dr. Roman: You guys focus on investigating the site. First, keep an eye out for Heroic Spirits.

Mashu: As you say, doctor.

Mashu: We will search the surroundings, make contact the people of this time, establish a summoning circle…we have a lot of work to do.

Mashu: We’ll get it done little by little. Let’s head towards that town first, senpai.

Mashu: Senpai, please stop. Confirming…it seems to be a French patrol.

Mashu: What should we do? Shall we attempt contact?

Do it Seems a little dangerous, doesn’t it?

Mashu: They seem humanoid. I’m sure we can talk with each other peacefully.

Mashu: HEY, EXCUSE ME! Hello. We’re travelers. (Note: She said "Hey Excuse me" in Engrish)

Soldier: ……。

Mashu: ?

Four: Fou?

Soldier: Ahh……The enemy! The enemy!

Dr. Roman: Yoo-hoo! I’ve got some time, so I’m here to check on…wait, why are you surrounded by armed men?

Mashu: I’m sorry, it was my mistake. I should’ve greeted them in French.

That was the problem!? Did you confuse the languages?

Mashu: Of course. Now it may be difficult to avoid combat.

Dr. Roman: A sudden fight! And with France’s elite!

Dr. Roman: Now now, first off let's calm down! This world is quarantined.

Dr. Roman: So whatever we do, we won’t cause a time paradox, so I don’t think fighting here will be a problem, but…

Mashu: Doctor. I have an idea. Do you think a French joke would help at a time like this?

Dr. Roman: Don’t ask me! Though wait a second, let me think about it…!

Dr. Roman: It’ll be good if we can think of a tasteful joke, I guess? Something like the German hats!

Soldier: There’s a suspicious voice coming out of somewhere…everyone, to arms! These guys are suspicious!

Mashu: I’m sorry, senpai. Believing in the doctor was my mistake.

Mashu: I think hurting the natives would be bad, though. Let’s attack and restrain them!

Mashu, what the hell are you saying too? You’re on the same level as Roman!

Mashu: W-what’s so funny?

Dr. Roman: Gaaah, it can’t be helped! Please hit them with the back of your sword! Try your best to prevent bloodshed! Go hit them with the back of your sword!

You mean, shield? How...

Mashu: I-I’ll figure something out! Fire!

Dr. Roman: No, don’t burn them!?


  1. hey! question. have you translated the prologue of this main quest as well?

    1. Umm... about that I've just read it buttt it looks like it's not complete, I think ? I mean after I chose the second choice and went to next page there're still a conversation after Dr.roman line "Dr. Roman: First of all…ah, yes. I’ll explain what you two must do again."

    2. sorry about that, it's fixed now