Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[English] Orleans 3-2-a

Translator: Saijyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Mashu: All enemies eliminated. Good work.

Jeanne: Indeed. …things seem to have settled down.

Jeanne: First of all, please tell me your names.

Mashu: Undersood. My name is Mashu Kyrielight.

Mashu: That is . My Master.

Jeanne: Master…? There are Masters in this Holy Grail War as well, I see.

Mashu: Actually, we have absolutely nothing to do with the Grail War. I’m nothing more than a Demi-Servant.

Jeanne: Demi-Servant…?

Mashu: I am an abnormal Heroic Spirit. Have you not heard of my kind before?

Jeanne: …hm, perhaps I should clear some things up first, before we go further.

Jeanne: I am more certainly a Servant myself. My class is Ruler. That much is clear to me.

Jeanne: However…while I originally should have been given knowledge of the Holy Grail War, the majority of that knowledge is missing.

Jeanne: No, knowledge is not the only thing I have lost. It seems that my status parameters are also suffering reduced rank.

Jeanne: I would need command seals to fight other Servants, and I appear unable to read their true names.

Jeanne: Fortunately, this is my home country. At least it seems like I can communicate here…

Mashu: Earlier, those soldiers said something. It was something about how Jeanne D’arc had become a “dragon witch.”

Jeanne: ….I as well only gained consciousness several hours ago, so I don’t really know the details myself.

Jeanne: However, it would appear that in this world, there is another Jeanne D’arc.

Jeanne: A Jeanne who was said to murder King Charles of France and raze Orleans…

Mashu: So two of the same Servant have been summoned to the same era, am I right…?

Dr. Roman: Yes…if I were to go through the records of the Holy Grail War, I would think that such a practice of simultaneous summoning might exist.

Dr. Roman: Anyways, let’s make some decisions here. Charles VII is dead, and Orleans is taken.

Dr. Roman: In other words, we could say that the country of France is collapsing.

Dr. Roman: Historically, France was the country that first popularized concepts of human liberty and equality, and many other countries followed in its wake.

Dr. Roman: If such rights were delayed for even a century, the development of humanity would no doubt stagnate.

Dr. Roman: If this happened, we might even be living in the same conditions as the Middle Ages in the present day.

Jeanne: I can hear a voice…what black magic is this now? What the heck are you guys---

Dr. Roman: Whoops, I almost forgot to introduce myself. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Saint Jeanne D’arc.

Dr. Roman: I am Roani Akiman. Everyone calls me Roman, though.

Dr. Roman: I’m these guys’ support. I’ll be looking forwards to working with you.

Jeanne: I see, Roman. You’re just like a dream person!

Dr. Roman: …gah, this sense of defeat…even though she praised me, it doesn’t feel good at all…

Mashu: Sorry to interrupt, Mademoiselle Jeanne. I’d like to explain our version of things now, though.

Mashu: Our goal here is to fix distortions of history. Chaldea. That is the name of our organization.

Mashu explained everything to Jeanne

Jeanne: …I see. To think that these events would lead to the destruction of the world.

Jeanne: Suddenly my troubles seem so small in comparison. But now, I---

Four: Fou?

Jeanne: Even as an imperfect Servant, I still can’t believe another “me” is here.

Jeanne: …A Jeanne D’arc who took Orleans…and more than just that, those flying dragons…

Mashu: Those wyverns, yes. …seeing them in fifteenth century France is still unbelievable.

Mashu: But more importantly, it was the “dragon witch” that brought them here.

Jeanne: Yes. It would seem that those dragons are being controlled by the other “me”, yes.

Jeanne: I have no idea how she’s doing it. During my lifetime, such a thing would be unthinkable.

Jeanne: To summon a dragon would be black magic of the highest degree. Not only that, but she seems to be doing it over and over—

Dr. Roman: It would be impossible for today’s magicians. It should certainly be difficult, even for the magic level of this time period.

Dr. Roman: But…I see, . I guess we could say they’re cheating, of sorts.

…do you think it’s likely the Holy Grail? …you mean like you and that manjuu’s bean filling?

Dr. Roman: Exactly. This is only a hypothesis still, but these other problems might actually be our own.

Dr. Roman: What are you saying, are you still stuck on that!? You’re surprisingly vicious, you are!?

Mashu: …I see now. We still don’t know very much, but I think I’m getting an idea of what’s going on.

Mashu: Mademoiselle Jeanne. What will you do from here on out?

Jeanne: …I have already made up my mind.

Jeanne: I will go to Orleans, and free the city. I will eliminate any obstacles in my path, even the other Jeanne D’arc.

Jeanne: I may have no divine revelations from God, or see any paths to success, but I cannot overlook these misdeeds.

Mashu: …fighting all alone…how to say it…it sounds just like actual history, doesn’t it, Master?

Yes, I’ve been thinking the same thing too. Ahh, Da Vinci-chan was wrong after all.

Mashu: Master. And Doctor, as well. Our goal and Jeanne’s are one and the same.

Mashu: From here on out, shall we work alongside this girl?

Of course, I’ve been thinking the same thing myself. I’d help her regardless of our mission.

Dr. Roman: Yeah. At this point, working with Jeanne would be the best idea. Getting to fight alongside such a legendary patriot and saint is a rare honor!

Mashu: I’m glad. Then once again, Mademoiselle Jeanne.

Mashu: As our goals are one and the same, we will stand and fight alongside you.

Mashu: As your new allies, will you allow us to fight below your flag?

Jeanne: That…yes, please. I have no words to express my gratitude.

Jeanne: …thank you, Mashu, . Fighting alone is now nothing more than a mere thought.

Jeanne: …then, let us hurry to battle side by side. , please give us your orders!

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