Thursday, March 31, 2016

[English] Orleans 3-2-b

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Jeanne: Earlier, fighting all alone was almost embarrassing. Having the two of you here now is very reassuring.

Jeanne: Even if my foe is the one called a witch, with such reliable allies as you here, I have nothing to fear.

The one called a witch— Are you all right?

Jeanne: I’m fine.

Jeanne: …yes, of course, it hurts when people mistake me for the other Jeanne.

Jeanne: However, it can’t be helped.

Jeanne: In reality, since it seems like only a few days have passed since I was burned at the stake…

Jeanne: It’s only natural to be afraid of the newly-revived me who butchered Orleans.

Jeanne: …I used to worry about whether or not I could rally us against England, but in this situation I actually feel calm.

Jeanne: This time all we have to do is find and defeat the witch Jeanne.

Jeanne: Ah, but we should probably scout around for a bit first. While our goal is simple, achieving it may be harder.

Dr. Roman: As I expected, Jeanne D’arc is used to leading armies in battle. Though as she said, just attacking Orleans would be reckless.

Dr. Roman: That’s enemy territory, and we don’t even have a base yet ourselves. Right now we should take the initiative and collect some information on their defenses.

Dr. Roman: Then, we can find witch Jeanne – or perhaps we should call her Dark Jeanne. Either way, we should find out what Servants she has on hand next.

Dr. Roman: Last comes battle preparation. It’d be nice if we had more allies.

Mashu: Jeanne-san. Besides us, can you sense any other Servants?

Jeanne: My apologies. While Ruler possesses the ability to sense other Servants, right now I cannot use that power either.

Jeanne: I’m basically the same as a standard Servant right now. Unless another Servant comes within a certain range, I won’t be able to detect them.

…wait a second. Then, how about the other Jeanne? …Ruler is normally able to just detect Servants anywhere?

Jeanne: …! I’ve been careless, that is indeed a possibility.

Jeanne: The other me…no, witch Jeanne…argh, forget it, I’ll just call her Dark Jeanne too!

Jeanne: Errm, if that Dark Jeanne truly became a Servant like me, her class would be Ruler.

Jeanne: In that case, she would be able to immediately sense our location. ….we must prepare to fight at any moment.

Jeanne: If we can, we should minimize intel gathering in populated areas, but---

Jeanne: If we lack even a single clue like we do now, then we won’t be able to get anywhere, will we?

Jeanne: Let us begin early tomorrow morning. For now, -san is only human, so they should get some sleep…

But… Will you be all right?

Jeanne: Ah, I’ll be fine.

Jeanne: My abilities might be ranked down, but I still possess the fundamental abilities of a Servant.

Jeanne: Well then, good night.

Later that night...

Jeanne: Is -san asleep?

Mashu: Hmm, yes, it seems they’ve gotten used to camping remarkably quickly.

Jeanne: Ahh, I see…

Mashu: ….one thing, though. Is there still something you haven’t told us yet?

Jeanne: …..

Mashu: Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry…

Mashu: I just thought that if there’s something that’ll get in the way of our upcoming battles, it’d be best to get it out of the way now.

Jeanne: Yes…indeed. I understand. I’ll tell you.

Jeanne: I guess you could say it was because of my imperfect summoning as a Servant.

Jeanne: Or perhaps – it’s because I basically died only a few days ago.

Jeanne: However you put it, right now I feel just like a young Servant.

Mashu: Young…Servant?

Jeanne: Yes. The Throne of Heroes exists outside of time.

Jeanne: Despite that, right now I have no power to access its records. Because of that, it is difficult for me to function as a Servant.

If I were to compare it to when I lived, it feels as if I were about to head into battle for the first time. The fluffy little mage-san from earlier…

Jeanne: He called me a patriot and saint, but I lack the power to live up to those expectations.

Jeanne: …well, that’s it. The way I am right now, I’ll certainly be dragging you all down.

Mashu: Jeanne-san, that’s all right.

Jeanne: Eh…?

Mashu: After all, this is almost like my first battle as well. You and I are the same.

Mashu: Because I’m a Demi-Servant, I can’t exhibit the full power of a Heroic Spirit.

Mashu: Despite that, the Heroic Spirit inside me is telling me “that’s fine.”

Mashu: And senpai---Master has full confidence in me.

Mashu: …I don’t really know how to put it, but senpai is “strong”, despite not fighting.

Mashu: So I think everything will be fine. Though, I don’t really have anything to back it up.

Jeanne: …thank you. You’ve made me feel a little better.

Jeanne: Anyhow, I know both this era and country well. Starting tomorrow, let’s do our best!

Mashu: Yes!

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