Sunday, April 10, 2016

[English] Orleans 4-1-a

Translator: Saijyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Jeanne: When we get out of this forest, we’ll be heading straight towards Orleans.

Jeanne: Of course, riding directly into Orleans will be difficult.

Jeanne: However, we might be able to collect some intel from surrounding towns and forts.

The party walked along the path leading out of the forest...

Jeanne: We’ve already arrived at La Charité.

Jeanne: If we are unable to get information on Orleans here, then we may be unable to further approach.

Jeanne: Regardless, let us finish this as quickly as possible so that such worries may not come to pass.

Jeanne: Right now, we have no idea whether or not we are strong enough to defeat our foes, and know nothing of what they are truly capable of. Until we are certain of their limitations, we should not attack.

You’re awfully careful about this You’re awfully calm about this

Jeanne: …no, to be honest I’m very impatient right now. I can’t keep my mind off what the other “me” may be like.

Jeanne: What could such a monster be doing to the people she has under her control—though, it’s easy enough to imagine.

Jeanne: With such unthinkable power, and such unthinkable hatred, it would be simple to break even the purest humans.

Dr. Roman: --hmm, wait a moment. I’m picking up Servants in your guys’ destination.

Dr. Roman: They’re in La Charité. Right in your guys’ next stop.

Mashu: !

Dr. Roman: Huh, but it’s heading far away. …gah, no good, I’ve lost it! It’s fast!

Four: Fou! Foooou!

Mashu: What is it, Four-san? Why did you get on my head so quickly? Can you see something in the sky over there?

Smoke rose up on the horizon...

Mashu: The town is…burning…!?

Jeanne: Let’s go!

They arrived at the town, or at least, what was formerly a lively and peaceful town...

Jeanne: No way…!

Mashu: Doctor, signs of life—

Dr. Roman: …it’s no use. There are no signs of life left here.

Mashu: No—

Jeanne: Wait, just now, I heard a noise…!

Mashu: That’s different, it’s--

Jeanne: Ah…it’s can’t be…!

Mashu: It seems like they’re living dead. Let’s take them down, Master!

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