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[English] Jeanne Interlude 1-1-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Jeanne: ---"She" was dreaming. ---"She" laughed, enjoying it.

Jeanne: To kill evil, to trample evil underfoot, Is a very just thing.

Jeanne: That's why it's fun. That's why she laughs.

Jeanne: ---Yes, I lack such feelings---

Jeanne: Perhaps, That was "something" that was truly unattainable.

Jeanne: Here I was, thinking such foolish thoughts.

Our woke up from a deep sleep. It seemed that Jeanne's thought about what happened in Orleans was transferred into .

Mashu: Good morning, Sempai. ……Uhm, how is your body doing?

Mashu: Your face looks rather pale……

I'm fine

Mashu: Is that so. We've been having battles consecutively after all, So you may be getting fatigued.

Mashu: It may be better for you to rest today. I shall let the doctor know, okay?

Four: Fou.

Mashu: Ah, Four. ……Would you mind Four too, please?

Okay Roger

Mashu: Well then, I'll leave it to you

Four: Foou.


Four: ……Fou?


The couldn't resist the sudden sleepiness. closed eyes for a moment, and then...

Jeanne: ……ster……Master, Master!


Four: Fou!

Jeanne: Ah, thank goodness. This isn't the place to be having a nap you know?

This is……

looked around, it seemed that for some reason, they were moved into an unfamiliar place

Jeanne: I'm not sure either. I'm guessing it's France, however……

Jeanne: Mashu, Master has awoken.

Mashu: Master! I'm glad you're fine. The surveying of the surroundings have been completed.

Mashu: At present, We have yet to pinpoint any abnormalities.

Mashu: However, it does bother me that The line with the doctor has also been cut……

Mashu: Do you happen to remember what happened prior to your coming to this world?

Not really……

Mashu: As I thought. ……We're the same.

Mashu: Before we knew it, we were here. Master, let us secure a base of command first.

Mashu: The doctor should have noticed the abnormality and would have developed some form of countermeasure.

Mashu: While we wait for him, we shall search this world, and if there is some form of abnormality we will correct it---.

Mashu: How does that sound?

I don't see a problem with it

Mashu: In that case let us set off.

The party walked around for a while, searching for irregularities

Jeanne: It's a nice breeze isn't it. I'm really starting to feel like I'm back home.

Mashu: Is that so……

Mashu: I was brought up in Chaldea, So I cannot grasp what that feels like……

Mashu: You seem to be having fun, So I believe it's a good thing.

Jeanne: M, My apologies.

Mashu: If memory serves, your hometown was Domrémy? Might it be close to here?

Mashu: If you want, maybe it may be a good idea showing your face there?

Jeanne: Unfortunately, France is rather big…… I can't force the both of you to accompany me on a journey lasting several days.

Jeanne: Besides, I don't think I can go back.

Jeanne: When I decided to save France, I resolved myself to never return back to my hometown.

Mashu: Is that so……

Have you never gotten homesick?

Jeanne: ……Mm, you sure ask rather mean questions don't you, Master. Yes, I have been homesick before.

Jeanne: Over and over. When an arrow pierces me and the heat flows out from the arrow wound, especially.

Mashu: But you never returned did you.

Jeanne: No, even if for example Everything went well, And nothing bad comes of my return to my hometown.

Jeanne: I thought I should not return. I threw it away after all.

Jeanne: My family, my hometown, everything.

Mashu: No way……

Jeanne: Fufu, either way it was only a false setting. I was bound, and disappeared into the flames.

Jeanne: That too, is now over.

Jeanne: If that were to change, It would have become just like that Gilles from back then.

Jeanne: ---However, I don't know why.

Jeanne: But as though a stamp was pressed down onto me, Everyone seems to think that I still have regrets still left lingering in me.

Mashu: That……probably can't be helped.

Mashu: We all simply see it as a shame--- People hold onto life dearly after all.

Jeanne: That's true. That indeed is correct.

Jeanne: Time, if I had time I would have done what I wanted, Or what I could not have done.

Jeanne: ……Even if I had neither, I may have been able to find something I wanted to do.

Jeanne: Humans have countless possibilities within them, And the younger you are the exponentially higher your chances are.

Jeanne: To have thrown all that away nonchalantly, I must really not be a saint, but a fool.

Mashu: ……Is that so. Then perhaps I too am the same---

Mashu too?

Mashu: Ah, no!……Nothing. Anyway, Master. A town has been sighted.

Mashu: Let's go. We first have to grasp what's happening with this era, this situation.

Jeanne: ……It seems like I'm…… fine.

Mashu: Does seem that way.

Mashu: In the initial 1431, you ended up being dragged into things because Black Jeanne went berserk……

Mashu: But the town seems peaceful.

Jeanne: That's a relief. If it's peaceful, there's nothing more to be wished for.

Jeanne: ……Eh?

Mashu: Is something the matter?

Jeanne: The castle's flag has……changed to an English one. Did this……become a part of the English territory?

Mashu: Ah, that definitely is different to the French flag isn't it.

Jeanne: This is a situation that must be corrected……right?

Mashu: Unless the town's under tyrannical rule, there is nothing especially problematic With how it is now. Best not to wake a sleeping dog, after all……

Jeanne: ……That is very true. That is indeed very true but……

Jeanne: No, my apologies. It's just my own feelings. The me now is 's servant.

Jeanne: For now, let's gather information from the town.

Mashu and Jeanne spread out and asked around the town.

Mashu: Uhm, excuse me.

Villager A: Hey, what's the matter?

Mashu: Actually---.


Jeanne: Excuse me. Do you have a moment?

Villager B: What's up?


Villager C: Oh, hello. Is something the matter?

Mashu: Yes, there's something I'd like you to tell me……

After asking around for a while, they both got back to their Master to report what they've found

Mashu: There's a problem, Master

What happened? A shocking abnormality as we thought!?

Mashu: Yes, there's nothing that's happened.

Jeanne: ……Yes. This town is the very essence of peaceful. Nothing more than Small competitions, things that should be left to the law to deal with.

Jeanne: From the looks of it in this world, the English have defeated Charles VII, and made the whole of France theirs.

Mashu: In other words……

Jeanne: Exactly. This is probably---A world where I did not exist.

Mashu: There aren't that many places left to investigate. If anything, it's just that castle.

Jeanne: However……I doubt the English soldiers Would welcome us in.

Mashu: That's true. Let us retreat for now.

Mashu: We didn't find any decent clues did we…… I'm worried about tomorrow.

We'll cross that bridge……

Mashu: As the wind blows, is it? Fufu, thank you very much.

Jeanne: …… ……

Later that night...

Jeanne: …… ……


Jeanne: Ah, my apologies. I was offering a prayer to Heaven……

Jeanne: Mashu is……on patrol, isn't she.

Jeanne: ---Master, do you mind if we talked?

Jeanne: ……Ultimately, this world is peace itself.

Jeanne: It seems like England has managed to put the government in order.

Jeanne: It definitely seems like the French army has been defeated---. But that too, is something from faraway.

Jeanne: Master. This does not appear to be the world I was from.

Jeanne: France lost without taking action, And became a territory of England.---And now they enjoy peace.

Jeanne: There may have been bumps. Conflict and problems probably did arise.

Jeanne: However, they overcame that. ……They somehow overcame it.

Jeanne: In this world, I am nonexistent. It's as if……my existence itself, was a waste……

I don't think that's true.

Jeanne: ……Thank you very much. However, it's peaceful. Conflict that would wrench my heart out, is no longer here.

Jeanne: Perhaps I might be in Domrémy? A me that is peacefully living each day.

Jeanne: Brought up normally, pray normally, and to give my love to someone normally.

Do you want to see?

Jeanne: ……Just a bit. But, it feels like it would hurt after that.

Jeanne: The me there must definitely be lucky. I might just, offer a little more prayer.

Jeanne: Please join Mashu and Four please, Master.

Mashu: Master, Jeanne's……

Our told Mashu about what was wrong with Jeanne

Mashu: ……I see. This world definitely appears to be one where Jeanne did not exist, And is the very essence of peace.

Mashu: But, that's strange.

Mashu: If Jeanne did not rise, and the nation called France was not born, It's certain to greatly affect the history following that.

Mashu: There is something……that is off……

It's too peaceful

Mashu: ……!

Mashu: Yes, that's true. This world is way too peaceful.

Mashu: The town's atmosphere hadn't a single shred of unrest. If it was land that was aggressively captured, I'd think that there would be at least some tension.

Mashu: There is nothing strange in the town---. That in itself is conversely strange.

Mashu: Let's bring Jeanne to the town once more. I believe we should investigate more thoroughly.

They went back to town, and as Mashu suspected, there was something wrong, very wrong.

Jeanne: ……This is……!?

Villager B: Hey, good evening. How are you?

Villager B: Oh, is something wrong? Can I help you?

Mashu: ……The current time is……1 AM……right?

Mashu: In this era, it should be okay to think that most people Would be asleep by this time but……

Mashu: It's as though there's no difference to the hustle and bustle of the afternoon. ……This really was abnormal!

Jeanne: ---Let's head to the castle. The only place we didn't investigate during the afternoon was that castle.

Mashu: Yeah!

The party hurried to the castle, only to find a very devastating scene.

Mashu: This is……!

Jeanne: There's blood all over……And I can detect a vast amount of magical power.

Jeanne: Wandering ghosts……these are……French soldiers……!? No, there are those of the English mixed in too!

Mashu: They're coming after us……! Master, your orders please!


  1. Jeanne: I thought I should not return. I threw it a way after all.

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