Friday, March 4, 2016

[English] Jeanne Interlude 1-3-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Jeanne: Why are there, such monsters……?

Mashu: I'm not sure either. However……I suppose you really are the key to all this.

Jeanne: Me……? Well, it's true that this France is my home country.

Jeanne: For that country to be trampled upon is something I can't easily forgive---. ……Mm?

What's up Did you notice something?

Mashu: Jeanne-san?

Jeanne: I see, perhaps……

Jeanne: Let us hurry to the throneroom! I suspect that this case will be resolved there!

The party rushed to the throneroom, and found unidentified enemies standing in their way.

Mashu: Wha……It's a demon this time……?

Jeanne: Please calm down Mashu. That is merely a monster that looks similar to a demon.

Jeanne: You over there, ---Are you the one enslaving it?

???: ihihihihi! But of course, but of course! I, am the one who enslaved this demon!

???: My name is Mephistopheles! A servant that has been casted into the class of Caster!

Mashu: You're……!

Mephistopheles: Oh, and you know of me? Perhaps we have become comrades, have we?

Mephistopheles: If so, please rest easy! I have been summoned by someone else

Mephistopheles: In other words, I am someone you can rest easy and fight to the death with!

Mashu: ……Kuh……

Jeanne: Mephistopheles……was it. I have one question for you.

Mephistopheles: My my, please please.

Jeanne: What exactly is the point of this farce?

Mephistopheles: That---

Jeanne: My actions were meaningless, Was all this to tell me that?

Jeanne: Or perhaps, You were testing if I could raise my flag or not---

Jeanne: Under such a situation as this, Where France did not exist?

Mephistopheles: My my, good guess! A round of applause! A round of applause, everyone!

Mephistopheles: So, how do you feel?

Jeanne: Well, I suppose you could say I feel terrible. However, this is an illusion in the end.

Jeanne: As long as this is an illusion, I feel no fear.

Mephistopheles: However, what if it were a logical illusion?

Mephistopheles: Yes, this town indeed was built By the logic of "If you did not exist"!

Mephistopheles: Jeanne D'Arc! Holy Maiden of Salvation!

Mephistopheles: This world does not move on you alone! Nay. Regardless of whether you move or not……the citizens are happy!

Jeanne: …… ……

Mephistopheles: You who is neither a king, nor a hero, and to borrow your words, Not even a Saint---

Mephistopheles: Just what kind of face will you lower, as you worry over the changes of the world!?

Isn't it fine to worry?

Mashu: ……!

Mephistopheles: Well this is a problem. I was asking that to Jeanne D'arc, you know---

Jeanne: As you say. ……I may be meaningless.

Mephistopheles: hihihi

Jeanne: ---However. Would I move if there was a meaning?

Mephistopheles: ……What?

Jeanne: The fates of people are vivid, and cruelly varied.

Jeanne: There is as much meaningless life as there is meaningless death---. And as much meaningful life as there is meaningful death.

Jeanne: Move because it is there. Don't move because it is not.

Jeanne: To know the future and move, to know the future and not move. I would think that to be human, would you not?

Jeanne: ---Let's be frank.

Jeanne: I've never seen what was ahead. I merely, ran down my path That I myself chose.

Jeanne: Let me say it more clearly. "Tomorrow will take care of itself."---That's all there is to it.

Jeanne: Please tell all that to your master.

Mephistopheles: ……I see. I see, I see, I see!

Mephistopheles: Your heart will not break then. In that case! Let us go with physical means of breaking it for you.

Mephistopheles: ……Mm. No, wait, wait. I haven't said anything clever to that yet have I.

Mephistopheles: Mayhaps I am the one who has eded up broken? Naah.……Hmm, naah!

Jeanne: To return this world to the way it is. Even if there is no hope, even if there is only despair.

Jeanne: ……So that people to not come to a halt, To keep on facing forward as they walk.

Jeanne: Regardless of what thorns there may be, or what pitfalls there may be. I will---Choose the road where I can look forward and walk!!

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