Friday, April 15, 2016

[English] Orleans 4-2-b

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Mashu: --we’ve eliminated the last of the wyverns. No signs of the enemy. Battle complete.

Jeanne: …..

Mashu: Jeanne-san?

Jeanne: ….all of this was caused by the other “me”, wasn’t it.

Mashu: You don’t know that for—

Jeanne: No, I think so. In fact, I’m certain of that. …there’s just one thing I still don’t understand.

Jeanne: The amount of hatred for humanity one has to have to do such things.

Jeanne: That, I simply can’t comprehend.

Dr. Roman: Wait, you guys! The Servants from earlier are turning around! This is bad, they’ve probably sensed you guys!

Mashu: How many!?

Dr. Roman: Oi, you’ve got to be joking…!? Five of them!

Dr. Roman: With that speed…are they all Riders or something? A, anyways, you have to run!

Dr. Roman: There’s no way you can beat that many, there’s no choice but to get out of there!

Mashu: But—

Dr. Roman: If you guys had the same numbers, then maybe you could try fighting them!

Dr. Roman: But, isn’t it impossible to fight them when they have over twice your forces!?

Dr. Roman: Evacuate, everyone get the hell out of there! Like what Sun Tzu would say!

Jeanne: ….

Mashu: Jeanne-san! The Servants are coming, we have to—

Jeanne: …I will not run. At the very least, if I can learn what their true motives are…!

Mashu: But…!

Dr. Roman: Gah, it’s no use, there’s no time! Mashu, try to come up with some way to escape somehow. Do you hear me!?

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