Friday, April 15, 2016

[English] Orleans 5-1-a

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

The party tried to run, but was intercepted by a group of 5 Servants, one of them looked really familiar

Jeanne: Ah…!

Jeanne Alter: ---what the hell is this. I can’t believe it. How did something like this even happen.

Jeanne: ----

Jeanne Alter: Hey, somebody, please. Go grab some cold water and douse me with it. This is bad. This is dangerous. Seriously, this is getting just too funny here.

Jeanne Alter: If you don’t stop me, I feel like I might just laugh myself to death!

Jeanne Alter: Hey, look, Gilles! Look at that pitiful little girl! What would you call her, a louse? A rat? A worm?

Jeanne Alter: In the end they’re all the same! Tiny things that no one would ever pity!

Jeanne Alter: Ah, but actually--- even a rat’s country would be better off than a country that had to rely on this little girl!

Jeanne Alter: Hey, Gilles, don’t you think so too---oh, that’s right. I didn’t bring Gilles with me this time.

Jeanne: You…who are you!?

Jeanne Alter: I could ask you the same thing…though, I suppose as your superior, I should be the one to answer.

Jeanne Alter: I am Jeanne D’arc. The resurrected saint and patriot, other “me”.

Jeanne: …that’s absurd. You aren’t a saint. You are nothing like me.

Jeanne: Though perhaps, after everything that’s happened, I can’t say that anymore. Anyways---why did you attack this town?

Jeanne Alter: …why, you ask? I thought you would be able to understand, being the same Jeanne D’arc as me.

Jeanne Alter: Have your lowered attributes made you this stupid? Why did I attack this town?

Jeanne Alter: That’s a stupid question. Isn’t it obvious?

Jeanne Alter: Simply to destroy France, of course. The Servant way.

Jeanne Alter: Political attacks and economic attacks are too slow and roundabout. But the physical approach, just crushing everything, is quick and certain, wouldn’t you agree?

Jeanne: That’s madness…!

Jeanne Alter: Madness? I guess we Jeanne D’arcs can be pretty stupid sometimes, huh.

Jeanne Alter: Why did we ever think of helping this country? Why did we ever think of saving these fools?

Jeanne Alter: Those humans knowingly betrayed us, spat at us, lied to us!

Jeanne: That was—

Jeanne Alter: I won’t be tricked anymore. I won’t allow any more treachery. Anyways, I can’t even hear God’s voice now.

Jeanne Alter: Being unable to hear God’s voice is the same as God giving up on this country, so to speak.

Jeanne Alter: So, I will destroy everything. I will serve as a manifestation of God’s grief. I will rip out every last seed of evil by the roots.

Jeanne Alter: As long as humanity continues to exist, this hatred of mine will never lessen. I will rebuild this France into a silent, dead country.

Jeanne Alter: This is all of me. These are the ways of the new saint Jeanne D’arc, changed and matured by death.

Jeanne Alter: Well, I suppose you still can’t understand. You’ll always still keep on pretending to be a saint.

Jeanne Alter: But you know, if you keep pretending not to see hatred and joy alike, then you won’t ever be able to help your precious humanity move forwards, o beautiful and pure saint!

Jeanne: Wha…

Dr. Roman: Ahh, but how would Servants help humanity grow anyways? If you say that, then perhaps you could say Heroic Spirits are like a kind of power-up, perhaps…

Jeanne Alter: ---there’s a noisy fly buzzing around. If you keep hurting my ears, I’ll kill you, you know?

Dr. Roman: !? Wait, my console heated up? Can that Servant kill someone else just by glaring at them!?

Jeanne: ….. Are you really “me”….?

Jeanne Alter: …I’m amazed. It should be easy to understand my actions by now, and yet you still somehow have all those questions.

Jeanne Alter: Such an ugly form of justice you have. You can’t understand my anger, so you don’t even care about it.

Jeanne Alter: But I understand. I know everything about Servants, including your current state.

Jeanne Alter: You are Ruler, but you are not Jeanne D’arc. You are what I cast aside, something akin to my leftover waste.

Jeanne: ….!

Jeanne Alter: I was thinking that if you shared the same existence as me, with even the same class, there’d be something impressive about you

Jeanne Alter: But you have absolutely no value. If history has revived you just as some sort of error, then you’re nothing more than a mere ghost

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Lancer, Berserk Assassin. Please take care of this foolish country girl.

Jeanne Alter: You’ve gotten bored with all the small fry around here, right? Rejoice, for these will be stronger foes.

Jeanne Alter: Amongst my summoned Servants, you two are particularly bloodthirsty monsters.

Jeanne Alter: Devouring heroes is certainly your forte. You may indulge yourselves to your heart’s content here.

Berserk Lancer: ---excellent. Then, I shall accept this blood.

Berserk Assassin: That is no good, my king. That girl’s meat and blood, and even her entrails, are mine.

Berserk Lancer: My, how greedy. And the soul? Who will take that?

Berserk Assassin: I see no use in a soul. What do you say to preserving her beautiful face as a trophy?

Berserk Lancer: Excellent. Then I shall take the soul for myself! Such an ironic deed.

Berserk Lancer: Even reduced to nothing more than a bloodthirsty devil at this point, I am still able to understand that girl’s beauty.

Berserk Assassin: Indeed. It is exactly because of this understanding that I will not restrain my feelings.

Berserk Assassin: I won’t allow anything beautiful besides me. No, in fact---

Berserk Assassin: I wonder how much beauty the blood of other beautiful creatures will give me?

Berserk Assassin: Aaaah, crushing ripe fruit is so fun. And I have a sweet tooth for fruit juice---

Berserk Assassin: This will be the privilege of us nobles tonight. Let us squeeze out every last drop with our Noble Phantasms.

Jeanne: Tch…!

Mashu: …Master.

Let’s go No choice but to get it done now

Mashu: Yes!

Mashu: Jeanne-san! Please prepare yourself! They’re coming…!

Jeanne: I, I understand!

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