Wednesday, May 4, 2016

[English] Orleans 5-4-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

???: Yes...yes. Oh my, so this is what it means To call yourself an ally of justice!

???: I know who you are. How strong, how frightening you are, I know very well.

???: I have to confess, This is the most scared I've ever been and I'm shaking.

???: Even then,---If you will invade this country, I will challenge you even if my dress is torn to shreds.

???: That's because

Berserk Saber: Y, You're……!?

???: My, you know my name then? Might you be someone I know, my lovely female knight?

Jeanne Alter: Saber. Who is she?

Berserk Saber: ……

Jeanne Alter: ---Answer me.

Berserk Saber: I can tell even from that heart that's carried away by this killing chaos. After all, her beauty has been burned into my eyes.

Berserk Saber: The girl who has been praised as the Flower of Versailles. She is---Marie Antoinette.

Mashu: Queen Marie Antoinette!?

Marie Antoinette: Yes! Thank you, for calling my name!

Marie Antoinette: And as long as I have this name, No matter how foolish it may be, I will act out my role.

Marie Antoinette: Ms Dragon-Witch-who-is-causing-trouble-in-my-beloved-country, It's probably pointless, but allow me to ask you a question.

Marie Antoinette: Are you so evil that you will work this violence Even before me?

Marie Antoinette: Are you declaring that you are a witch who is even more foolish than me, The Queen who failed to stop a revolution?

Jeanne Alter: ……Silence. People like you have no right to be involved in this fight.

Marie Antoinette: My, why's that?

Jeanne Alter: Do you think a Queen who was favored like a princess, And decapitated without knowing anything, would understand our spite?

Marie Antoinette: That's true, I wouldn't know about that. That's why I really want to know about you, Dragon Witch.

Jeanne Alter: ……What?

Marie Antoinette: To understand what I don't understand. That's my style.

Marie Antoinette: That's why I can't overlook you as you are now. Ah, Jeanne D'Arc. The Saint of my dreams!

Marie Antoinette: What I understand right now is, That you're just venting your anger right now.

Marie Antoinette: Your reason is unknown. Your motive too, is invisible. With everything being unknown, You're just like a girl out on a Sunday, aren't you?

Marie Antoinette: I have no respect for someone like that. Together with,

Marie Antoinette: That Jeanne D'Arc whose predictable and easy to understand, I will claim that hard-to-understand heart, and that whole body of yours!

Mashu: Wha……

Jeanne: U, Uh……Come again?

Marie Antoinette: Ah, oh no. What a blunder. Uhm, please don't misunderstand?

Marie Antoinette: That was simply to mean "As a Queen, I will make you kneel before me".

Dr. Roman: ……It's breaking…… My altar of Antoinette inside me is breaking……

Jeanne Alter: ---The farce ends here. Alright. In that case, you are my enemy.

Jeanne Alter: Servants. Deal with that annoying princess first. Rank and file, get your asses moving and deal with that bunch!

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