Saturday, April 23, 2016

[English] Orleans 6-5-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Mashu: All that's left are the servants!

Marie Antoinette: Are you alright, everyone? Need any tending to wounds?

Jeanne: I'm fine here. Mashu?

Mashu: I'm fine. Aren't they here yet, Doctor!?

Dr. Roman: ---They're coming, are you ready!?

Berserk Rider: ……Good evening, everyone. It's a lonely night isn't it.

Jeanne: ---Who are you?

Berserk Rider: Who……? That's true, just who am I?

Berserk Rider: Despite telling myself over and over again to be a Saint, To think that in this world I'm just the errand girl of a broken Saint.

Jeanne: Broken Saint……

Berserk Rider: Yes, thanks to her my reason has gone flying, And I've become berserk.

Berserk Rider: Even now, it's rather hectic trying to suppress this impulse. Geez, some pain this is.

Berserk Rider: That's why I'm grateful for your expectations, But I can't become your ally.

Berserk Rider: You can't very well have a servant who would Stab you in the back if not for putting on airs as an ally would you?

Jeanne: Then, why did you leave?

Berserk Rider: ……I was designated to surveillance, but my very last shred of reason is Whispering to me, saying that I should test you all.

Berserk Rider: The one who stands in your way is the "Witch of Dragons". The crystalisation of disaster that mounts upon the ultimate dragonkind.

Berserk Rider: If you can't overcome someone like me, There's no way that you could defeat her.

Berserk Rider: Defeat me. Without hesitation, pierce this chest with your blade.

Berserk Rider: My name is Martha. Come forth, Great Armoured Dragon Tarasque!

Dr. Roman: Martha……You mean Saint Martha!? On your guard everyone!

Dr. Roman: She is a Saint who forced dragonkind to submit to her simply by praying! Her being a servant would mean---.

Berserk Rider: I shall see if you can climb over my dead body---!

Dr. Roman: She's a Dragon Rider……!

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