Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[English] Arturia Alter Interlude 1-1-a

Translator: crysis99
Editor: Aister

Dr. Roman: A Ray Shift at the heart of the Greater Grail in Fuyuki... It's not impossible, but what about it?

Mashu: Yes, it seems to be a request from Saber-san. Isn't that right Senpai?

Dr. Roman: Haha. If it's from that corrupted Saber, then I can't really refuse now can I? That King of Knights sure has no mercy.

Dr. Roman: But wasn't the space in the heart of the Greater Grail unstable? If we do a Ley shift I'm sure it will be repelled back though...

Dr. Roman: Ah well, I wonder what Saber is thinking. Let's hurry up and get started.

Dr. Roman: Mashu and , I'm counting on you. If you sense any danger at all contact me immediately.

Mashu: That was our intended course of action. Well then Senpai, let us begin the Ley Shift.

The party started the shift, but found themselves in a familiar place

Mashu: This is... France? I am quite sure we jumped into the Greater Grail though...

Mashu: Doctor? Doctor? Please reply. Doctor...!?

Can't seem to connect? Is Roman slacking off or something?

Mashu: Seems like it. I know the heart of the grail was unstable, but where exactly is this?---

Four: Four!

Mashu: Four-san also agrees... we cannot come to a conclusion. After all, our lines aren't connecting.

Mashu: The insides of the Greater Grail seem like a singularity. He did say the line was going to be unstable, but what----

Saber Alter: This is indeed the insides of the Greater Grail, undeniably so. A time once before, when it was uncorrupted by the darkness.

Mashu: Saber-san.......!? You were here already?

Saber Alter: You came along too Kyrielight?... Well whatever. I see you've indeed taken on my request, .

Saber Alter: “Ley Shift inside of the Greater Grail” Well, I've to swallow those words it seems.

Do explain. Well it is a request from Saber.

Saber Alter: An explanation is unnecessary. You need a strong Servant.

Saber Alter: I responded to that wish is all.

Saber Alter: .......I see. If that's the kind if things you say, then I shall respond in kind.

Four: Four, Four!

Mashu: Master, Saber-san, I hear footsteps from up ahead. I think the enemy is responding to us!

Saber Alter: Ah, let's investigate this first. Let's get them, .

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