Saturday, April 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 6-4-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Dr. Roman: There's a servant! Not only that, but I'm getting multiple life sign readings!

Mashu: ……Master!

Battle positions!

Mashu: Roger!

Amadeus: That's depressing. I've ended up detecting something too. It really is problematic to have good ears.

Amadeus: Rather, it's so contemptuous that the sounds from my hands are dying to ring out.

Amadeus: Very much more unpleasant than a high-pitched trumpet, these hostile footsteps are.

Mashu: You can tell from this far?

Amadeus: Of course. I've become a servant despite only being a musician you know? If it's a wave that vibrates the atmosphere I can easily hear it.

For example back at the camp, I was rather satisfied with both Maria's and your breathing as both of you slept.

Of course, it wasn't just people's sleeping breath. All the more detailed biological sounds have been recorded in my Wolfgang recorder right up here!

Mashu: …………! Se, sexual harassing servant……!

Marie Antoinette: My apologies, Mashu. As his supervisor, I apologize.

Marie Antoinette: But please bear with it. After all, if not for his ears, all that's left of him is his perversion!

Amadeus: And I was wondering what you were going to say. I have you know that living things are soiled just by moving!

Amadeus: Music can be completed only when you come to terms with that truth. Life is naturally dirty, and yet is the act of cleaning itself.

Amadeus: ---Now then. The sounds that have reached my ears are that of countless footsteps, and of blades sliding out of their sheathes.

Amadeus: How truly unrefined and muggy. My music is not something for fools to hear, but---

Amadeus: We've made it this far. It's an impromptu knockoff, but hear the Reaper's song……!


  1. is it possible that you'll do a pdf or compiled file for the chapters when you finish them? (like a textfile for all of fuyuki f.ex)

    thanks for your hard work!

  2. Thanks a lot, but could you please update the "Main Story" section?