Saturday, April 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 6-3-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Mashu: I'll be off to patrol. Please be on standby here.

Four: Fou, fou!

Jeanne: ……

Marie Antoinette: What's the matter, Jeanne? You seem to be spacing out, might you be tired?

Jeanne: Marie……No. I'm not tired. I am a servant after all.

Marie Antoinette: Then you felt dejected looking at France…… Were you disappointed?

Jeanne: No, I'm not disappointed. Thank you for your concern, Marie.

Jeanne: ……But, to see a familiar town in blazes needed some endurance.

Marie Antoinette: ……That's right. Especially since to you this is the exact same era that you lived in.

Marie Antoinette: Unlike the impressions I have, This is like a continuing memory for you, isn't it?

Marie Antoinette: ……Okay! While we're at it, let's talk! Girls talk time!

Jeanne: ……Sorry?

Marie Antoinette: My, is it really all that strange? But both you and I were summoned at our peaks.

Marie Antoinette: I mean, I'm right in the middle of puberty after all? I'm into love and romance so much that I can't help it!

Jeanne: Ahaha.……I appreciate it, but it won't be easy for me. Even if I know of affection, I do not know of romance.

Marie Antoinette: No way……You're losing out on 10% of your life! It's not too late now, let's fall in love Jeanne!

Jeanne: Yes, if the opportunity arises. Have you fallen in love then, Marie?

Marie Antoinette: Fufufu, of course.

Marie Antoinette: When I was seven, I was in love with a boy who had proposed to me. I think that might have been my first love.

Marie Antoinette: Then, at the age of 14, I was in love with the king I married.

Jeanne: 14……! I'm taken aback by that even now.

Jeanne: I feel like for me at that time, We worked and played in the fields regardless of gender.

Marie Antoinette: That too is a fun and enviable way of life! It sounds really fun to have been able to go wherever you wanted!

Jeanne: Yes. It's true that those days were fun. Even if there wasn't any romance or love, there was friendship.

Marie Antoinette: Were you the popular one?

Jeanne: Mm, back then my hair was short, so I feel like I was treated like a boy.

Marie Antoinette: Ah, I'm glad I became a servant! To think I'd be able to speak about these things with that Jeanne D'arc.

Marie Antoinette: There was worth in becoming the queen then!

Jeanne: Likewise, to think I would be able to get along with that Marie Antoinette.

Jeanne: There was indeed worth becoming a servant.

Marie Antoinette: I'm glad this isn't a proper Holy Grail War. If so, this kind of carefree talk--

Jeanne: ……Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Yes.

Suddenly, Mashu ran in, interrupting the girls' sweet time

Mashu: I'm sorry. It seems to be an enemy raid!

Jeanne: So it's as we feared then.

Marie Antoinette: My.

Mashu: I'm going to wake Master up!

Marie Antoinette: Well then Jeanne. From here on out let's fight like Servants should.

Marie Antoinette: Bravely, sternly, earnestly. But also cutely, like a girl in love.

Marie Antoinette: That, I think, is the basis of not a Female Saint, or a Queen, but that of simply you and I.

Jeanne: ……My fighting style doesn't have Much to do with beauty and elegance, though.

Mashu: Well then, Master, your orders!

Marie Antoinette: Well, .

Marie Antoinette: Now that we finally have the chance, I'd like to show you my strength!

Marie Antoinette: ---My apologies for being tomboyish. Like glassware, I'll dazzle you all with my dance!

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