Saturday, April 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 6-2-b

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Marie Antoinette: ---I understand. It's not just France, but the world at stake, then.

Marie Antoinette: Even if it's in another form, This is yet another Holy Grail War isn't it……

Amadeus: There was only a dangerous sound from the point that we were summoned without a master, But this is more than we had imagined.

Amadeus: We faced a total of five back then. Counting Mashu we have nine servants, but isn't that a lot?

Mashu: It's breaking the rule of "seven servants" ……But it's not to say that it's unlimited.

Mashu: Even if the number greatly surpasses seven, It's definitely not abnormal.

Mashu: ……According to the records, there are signs Of fifteen servants fighting at some point after all.

Marie Antoinette: Ah, I know, it's come to me everyone!

Marie Antoinette: The reason we were summoned like this was --- To defeat them, like heroes!

It might be to destroy the world, like them? That's probably true

Marie Antoinette: Non, non, non♪ That's wrong, .

Marie Antoinette: After all, just like while I was alive, I love everyone!

Marie Antoinette: If I were to destroy the world, such feelings would have been unnecessary, And I wouldn't have been the first one to be summoned!

Marie Antoinette: Yes, yes! I finally feel like I know what I should do in this world!

Amadeus: It's all well and good to have unfounded confidence, Maria. But the enemies are strong, and that's not an exaggeration.

Amadeus: Even if Jeanne, Mashu and are used to combat, You and I aren't the manual labour type.

Amadeus: Head count aside, the difference in firepower is despairing.

Mashu: ……That's true. Vlad III, Elizabeth Bathory.

Mashu: They are people who have carved their names in history after all, One as a hero, the other as a cutthroat…….

Mashu: The one other person, the one who appears like a Saber, appears to be an acquaintance of yours, Marie……

Marie Antoinette: ……That's true. If she is someone who knows me……

Marie Antoinette: It may be Chevalier D'Eon. I'm not certain though.

Dr. Roman: Chevalier D'Eon……A spy of "Secret du Roi", the intelligence agency that King Louis XV had set up, yes?

Dr. Roman: At the same time she……no, he……? Was a dragoon, and an Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, the holder of the highest priviledges.

Marie Antoinette: That's a trivial matter, magus from a distant world.

Marie Antoinette: My golden age has come and gone, But those lovely feature have not changed.

Dr. Roman: I see…… It'd be nice if we could have her as an ally though……

Jeanne: That will be hard, I believe.

Jeanne: I have lost the Ruler class skill, True Name Discernment, But even so there's something that I can discern.

Jeanne: It seems like they have all been bestowed with "Berserk". Regardless of whether it's related to their alignment and lore.

Four: Kyuuuu………

Dr. Roman: It's probably the power of the Grail. To give them a berserk attribute, even if they didn't have any Mad Enhancement, huh……

Marie Antoinette: Boo, even if the Holy Grail War is a war to gain the Grail, for the enemy to already have it.

Marie Antoinette: It's just unfair, geez!

Jeanne: However, that would leave one more mystery. That being, why were Marie and the others summoned.

Jeanne: ……This is ultimately a guess.

Jeanne: But regardless of the fact that the Grail War has yet to begin, There is a winner who has already won the Grail.

Jeanne: So maybe the reason is that the Grail itself is resisting This reversal of cause and effect, or in other words this bug-like situation.

Jeanne: And I believe that perhaps the stronger the enemy, The stronger that resistance is.

Mashu: ……I see. So in other words, in the France we are in---.

Jeanne: Yes, maybe there are other servants who have been summoned in the same way as Marie.

Marie Antoinette: My……! That would mean that there are still someone new who we haven't met!

Amadeus: But that isn't necessarily hope. There's also the possibility of more enemies.

Amadeus: Regardless, it wouldn't be a bad idea to search for them. Better to act as quick as possible.

Amadeus: Before the other Jeanne finds them.

Jeanne: Yes, that's true. I have lost my ability to search for servants.

Jeanne: Considering our situation, we will need to rely on Roman's searching.

Dr. Roman: Yes, it may not be a match for Ruler's full power, But should be able to surpass a servant's detection radius.

Marie Antoinette: Now that that's decided, let's rest! I'm sure everyone's tired after all.

Mashu: That's true. Please rest for a while, master. We will watch the perimeter.


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