Thursday, June 23, 2016

[English] Orleans 6-5-b

Translator: ItsumoKnight
Editor: Aister

Berserk Rider: …… I see. That’s enough.

Jeanne: Master. She’s—

Berserk Rider: You would lend me your hand? Of course you can’t, silly.

Berserk Rider: This is fine, it truly is. Thank goodness, now this Saint won’t have to kill anyone.

Berserk Rider: …… hmm, let me tell you one last thing. As long as the “Dragon Witch” is using dragons, you will not prevail.

Berserk Rider: There is but one way to overcome the dragons. Go to Lyon. The Lyon that was once a city.

Berserk Rider: To defeat dragons: you need not a Saint, nor a princess. To defeat dragons, it has been known since long ago that you need a “Dragon Slayer”.

Berserk Rider: I’m sorry, Tarasque. ……next time, I’d like to summon you in a better circumstance.

With a smile, Martha disappeared

Jeanne: ……so even Saint Martha cannot defy her will.

Mashu: With the affliction of Berserk in addition to her summoning as a Servant, it an outcome that couldn’t be helped.

Mashu: In the first place, it should’ve been impossible to hold a conversation.

Mashu: Even so she talked with us, and showed us a spirit of resistance even to the end.

Marie Antoinette: Indeed. That person was very calm, yet furious at the same time. It’s something I can understand.

Marie Antoinette: That person was an iron-willed Saint. No matter what, her resolution was as diamond to the end.

Amadeus: Agreed. Though Tarasque was defeated, her sermon remains; that’s the truth. She certainly followed through with all her might.

Amadeus: That being the case, thanks to her we now have a destination.

Amadeus: Should we not hurry over? Now, let us depart to Lyon.

Mashu: ……that’s a surprise. I would have figured Amadeus-san was the type that hated walking……

Marie Antoinette: Oh my. Amadeus is unrivaled in his love of travelling, you know? He’s visited many countries ever since childhood, correct?

Amadeus: ……well, I wonder if I’m really that used to it.

Marie Antoinette: Ufufu, I hope this to be exciting. I wonder what’s in Lyon. I wonder who’s there!

Marie Antoinette: Hey, Jeanne. Shall we go together?

Jeanne: ……Yes!


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