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[English] Orleans 7-1-a

Translator: ItsumoKnight
Editor: Aister

Jeanne Alter: ......Rider is quite the stubborn one. A holy woman though berserk, it's troubling how she retains her sanity.

Jeanne Alter: That said, she did fight without holding back. When it comes time to cut ties with her, we mustn't be careless.

Jeanne Alter: Next up will be me and “him”. This time we'll take our summoned Servants with us.

Jeanne Alter: Go, call forth Berserk Assassin.

Gilles: As my lady wishes. If I keep you waiting, then do with me as you wish.

Gilles: However, milady as she is now is a flawless existence. To milady Jeanne, even luck is unnecessary!

Gilles: Please, destroy to your heart's content.

Jeanne Alter: Gilles. Tell me, which of us do you think is real? Me, or perhaps her?

Gilles: Of course, Milady is real. Are you feeling well, Jeanne?

Gilles: Milady was burned at the stake. All of them betrayed you!

Gilles: That Charles VII will come to regret, rewarding our holy savior with death!

Gilles: All the people who could have come to your rescue, not one of them appeared!

Gilles: Who was responsible for such an act of injustice? Who else, but God! This was nothing short of a cruel jest by God!

Gilles: It is for that reason, that we shall deny God. Isn't that right, Jeanne?

Jeanne Alter: ......Yes. That's right, Gilles. He doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

Jeanne Alter: Command of my troops taken, abandoned by my people. The king betrayed me, and the bishop punished me in the name of God.

Jeanne Alter: In other words——I was mistaken. No, everything was mistaken.

Jeanne Alter: Rather, it was what I believed in. I allowed the people themselves to be mistaken.

Jeanne Alter: After all, mistakes should to be corrected. Jeanne d'Arc was a mistaken.

Jeanne Alter: In accordance with that, everything we did was for nothing.

Jeanne Alter: My very act of being a savior, that itself was a fatal mistake.

Gilles: ..................Jeanne. Please, do not lament so.

Gilles: This will be the true divine punishment. My lady's vengeance is correct. My lady has saved this country, so it is within her rights to destroy it.

Gilles: That will be enough talk, will it not?

Jeanne Alter: ............You're right. Gilles. Though you always say such extreme things, this time you're right.

Jeanne Alter: Come forth, Berserker, Assassin. ...... That would get a little confusing. Do you mind using your true names?

Jeanne Alter: Knight of the Lake, Lancelot. Executioner, Charles­Henri Sanson.

Jeanne Alter: We shall ride by Wyvern. I will lead.

Lancelot: ———————urrrr。

Sanson: ......I understand, Master. If it's the legend of that queen's neck you want, there's no one more qualified than me.

Meanwhile, on a small village, Marie is asking the villagers for any information regarding Lyon

Villager: ......I've heard that, but......

Marie Antoinette: I see, I see. I understand. Interesting. Veeeery interesting!

Marie Antoinette: I give you my thanks, good sir. Now then, let us meet another day!

Villager: Y­yes! Um, by the way, may I ask what your venerable lady's name is—

Marie Antoinette: My name is Marie Antoinette! Fufufu, it wouldn't hurt to remember would it?

Marie Antoinette: ......if you pass it along in about three hundred and sixty years, someone'll be very surprised, fufufu.

After satisfied with the info she's got, she went back to the group

Marie Antoinette: Everyone~! We got some information~!

Jeanne: I'm sorry, Marie. If I had went into town, I'd only cause an uproar......

Marie Antoinette: Don't mind it, Jeanne. We Servants should help each other out, right?

Marie Antoinette: Now, listen to this. What Saint Martha was talking about that's in the city Lyon.

Marie Antoinette: From what I gather, Lyon was where all the refugees in the city fled from before the town perished.

Jeanne: That sounds disconcerting...... is it true?

Marie Antoinette: Yes. The town as it is now; it's a hellish place teeming with monsters.

Marie Antoinette: The important thing is what happened before that. As I've heard, Lyon had a guardian of some sort.

Mashu: Guardian...... you say?

Marie Antoinette: A knight with greatsword in hand, cleaving Wyverns and Skeletons alike, so I'm told.

Jeanne: I see. If that's the case, then a Servant such as Martha would surely have been notified.

Marie Antoinette: Yes. However, just a while ago some formidable people were said to have gone in.

Marie Antoinette: This knight is probably a Servant. Pursued by multiple Servants, they've since gone missing.

Marie Antoinette: And then, the city of Lyon was destroyed......

Mashu: It'd be great if they're still alive but...... no, I want to believe in Saint Martha's words.

Marie Antoinette: Oh yes, and King Charles VII has dispatched the Marshal Gilles de Rais and his forces to quell the city's chaos.

Jeanne: Gilles is......!?

Marie Antoinette: In order to reclaim Lyon, we will need to meet up with them.

Mashu: Meeting up...... will be difficult.

Marie Antoinette: Why would that be? Gilles de Rais was Jeanne's follower, was he not?

Marie Antoinette: Would he not surely lend us his aid if it was by Jeanne's request?

Jeanne: ......that would be because, well. Right now I am recognized as the “Dragon Witch”.

Jeanne: It's likely that man would not receive me well.

Marie Antoinette: ......I see. And yet, somehow I don't feel that's quite right.

Marie Antoinette: But, I understand the feeling of not wanting to meet with him! We're young maidens after all!

Marie Antoinette: But still, we can't dally here with just one Nay. It would be bad if we didn't hurry.

Marie Antoinette: With the city of Lyon infested with monsters, ordinary soldiers don't stand much of a chance......

Jeanne: ......That is certainly the case. We should be going to defeat them.

Let's win this. No problems here.

Jeanne: ­san...... You're right, this much is nothing.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, is quite right! So, here's a little present for you!

Marie came close to our , and suddenly landed a kiss on cheek.

Mashu: Wha­!?

Marie Antoinette: Well, did you like it?

Thank you very much! ......

Mashu: ......Senpai. You're grinning wildly, Senpai.

Mashu: Senpai, get a hold of yourself...... oh, come on!

Amadeus: Ahh, everyone's here I see. Please excuse my tardiness.

Amadeus: It's always been Maria's bad habit to smooch others. The court has often descended into chaos due to this habit.

Amadeus: Would you believe it? That this lady's faction would not even be able to function without her smooching?

Amadeus: The monarchy had been destroying itself long before the poor's revolution; even folktellers and playwrights couldn't make up such absurd foolishness.

Mashu: Master, hurry up and snap out of it already! Snap out of it!

Marie Antoinette: Eh? Doesn't everyone do the smooch?

Marie Antoinette: That way, peoples' hearts would go 'hnnnnng' would they not? Right, Jeanne?

Jeanne: Th­, they wouldn't, they wouldn't! That sort of thing should only be done with the promise of marriage——

After a bit of commotion, the party headed to Lyon, only to find a group of soldiers

Amadeus: ......Hm? Wait, something is amiss.

Amadeus: The soldiers standing over there, are they not terribly ready to fight? They're blocking the way we came.

Jeanne: ......Looks like those are soldiers who have deserted. With the situation this bad, it can't be helped that their hearts are breaking.

Jeanne: But that is no excuse to resort to the banditry of this town. Let's arrest them.

Mashu: Understood. Proceeding, with the back of the shield!

Amadeus: exactly what difference does using the back of a shield make?


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