Sunday, June 26, 2016

[English] Orleans 7-5-b

Translator: ItsumoKnight
Editor: Aister

Phantom: Kuh…… however, my task is done. Thankless; truly thankless a task if I do say so myself.

Phantom: My song stops here. Be that as it may, true hell starts here.

Phantom: Cheers, Lady Saint! Your evil, your greater has grown.

Jeanne: —Silence. You’re fading; to speak will only cause you more pain.

Phantom: These are not words, but song. Lament thy path, and know despair.

Phantom: Give up on the “Dragon Slayer”. And then run, run to the end of ends.

Phantom: With good fortune—you may yet escape.

Phantom: It comes. The dragon comes. The devil comes. The likes of which none of you have ever seen, the evil dragon!

Amadeus: Tenacious, aren’t you. The coda is over, quietly withdraw from the stage.

Phantom disappeared

Mashu: An evil…… dragon?

Dr. Roman: Ahh, it finally connected!! Everyone, get out of there!

Dr. Roman: A being stronger than Servants—life reaction is over the maximum levels!!

Dr. Roman: It’s heading straight for you at ridiculous speed!!

Mashu: ……Stronger than Servants!? Such a thing really exists in this world!?

Dr. Roman: They do exist in different places! The world is wide after all!

Dr. Roman: Oh, sorry, we can talk later! That’s not the only problem, three Servants are in pursuit!

Marie Antoinette: ……I’ll have to agree with him. This seems like trouble.

Amadeus: The orchestra’s finished. Let’s hurry up and go. Our efforts were in vain but, well, such is life.

Mashu: ……Hey. Wait a minute.

Mashu: If that thing’s life reaction is stronger than Servants, I think that makes the “Dragon Slayer” even more necessary.

Mashu: They should still be somewhere in this town, shouldn’t they? Let’s look for that Servant—

Dr. Roman: Nowaynowaynoway. There’s no time, no time at all!

Jeanne: But if we abandon this Servant, there won’t be another chance like this again……!

Mashu: Master, your orders!

Find the “Dragon Slayer” No use in running, so let’s fight!

Mashu: Understood!

Marie Antoinette: Amadeus, let’s prepare to intercept them…… that is, to fight together?

Amadeus: Just now, that was a good as an order, you know. As always, now is the time to prop up a smile.

Amadeus: I say, you need not worry about me. It would shame me to run alone from danger!

Marie Antoinette: You’re right. As I would expect of Amadeus. It’s all right, let’s buy some time.

Marie Antoinette: I will not die. Not yet, not here.

Mashu: Doctor! Aren’t there any other Servant reactions!?

Dr. Roman: I’m searching right now, so please wait a bit……!

Dr. Roman: —Got it. There’s a slightly weak reaction, it’s coming from the castle up ahead!

Jeanne: Let’s go!


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