Monday, November 14, 2016

[English] Orleans 8-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister
Our party arrived at the castle, where the Servant they are looking for is supposed to be

Mashu: He’s in the castle!

Jeanne: What severe injuries!

???: Urgh…

Suddenly the figure started to attack Mashu

Mashu: Kya!!

???: One after…. Another…

Jeanne: Wait! We are your allies! We are few in numbers but we are not going to harm you!

???: …?

Mashu: Anyways, please hurry! A dragon is heading here!

Mashu: Other riders are reinforcing as well. The enemy’s forces is overwhelming stronger.

???: The…. Dragon…. I see now.

???: That is why I was summoned here. That is my purpose in this battle.

Mashu: We’re here to help you. We need to escape now!

???: Sorry, I’m counting on you!

Our party hurriedly escape the castle together with the new Servant

Marie Antoinette: Hurry -san! We can sense danger approaching!

Dr. Roman: Visible enemies spotted in the distance! This is… no, impossible!

Mashu: It doesn’t even compare to a wyvern! That’s a pure breed species of dragon!

While everyone was frozen in place facing the impossible challenge, a familiar figure appeared among behind the dragon

Jeanne Alter: … look at what I’ve found, a soon to be dead servant Rider?

Jeanne Alter: It's fine though, now, perish!

By her command, all the enemies started to roar and charged at the party.

Marie Antoinette: They’re commencing the assault!

Amadeus: It’s no use, fall back Marie! Your Noble Phantasm can’t stop them…

Mashu: I-, I will use my Noble Phantasm!

Don’t say anything unreasonable! What are you saying!?

Jeanne: Mashu-san, we should do this together!

Mashu: Und-, Understood!

Jeanne Alter: Burn them Wyverns!!

Jeanne: Luminosité...

Mashu: Noble Phantasm, deploying!

Jeanne: ...Eternelle!

Both the Noble Phantasms were strong and powerful, but their power had been diminished a lot and couldn't match with the power of the enemies

Marie Antoinette: Kya!

Dr. Roman: Uwa!? What an enormous amount of energy!

Dr. Roman: Are you all right over there!? Actually, can you even hear me!?

Dr. Roman: … hey, say something… please!!

Please be quiet! Shut up!

Jeanne: Ku…. Uuuu!! As I thought…..!

Mashu: I can’t hold out much longer… I can’t anymore…!

???: ---- No, you held out just long enough. Thanks to your assistance, I was able to recover enough mana.

Jeanne: eh?

???: ---- It’s been a long time hasn’t it? Fafnir. Even if revived for the second time, I will stop you a second time…!

Jeanne Alter: … the Wyverns are becoming frightened… that servant… impossible!?

Siegfried: Listen to the great blue skies! My true name is Siegfried! Thou shall be defeated in one strike.

Siegfried: Noble Phantasm, RELEASE! Illusory Greatsword: Felling of the Sky Demon!

With one strike, the dragon, Fafnir, fell down to the ground. But so did Siegfried.

Jeanne Alter: Ku…! Fafnir, rise!

Siegfried: … haa-, haa-, haa-. I’m sorry, but this is my limit. My powers will not return me...

Siegfried: Please, withdraw…

Jeanne: Everyone, now is the time to withdraw!

Without much hesitation, the party retreated.

Jeanne Alter: Troublesome isn’t it? I’ll have to rethink my plans onwards. We can’t afford to lose anymore wyverns.

Jeanne Alter: … It will be troublesome if that sword is used again.

Jeanne Alter: Berserker, Saber! That “Dragon Killer” is the prey. Work together to defeat him.

Jeanne Alter: Saber and Assassin should be returning soon. This time, we shall deliver the finishing blow.

Meanwhile, the party was still retreating.

Dr. Roman: I can’t detect the enemy anymore but we can’t wait around here. Hurry!

Mashu: Senpai, I want a horse!

Marie Antoinette: I’m sorry, mine only has one seat!

Amadeus: Although I’m accustomed to journeys, this is the first time I’ve had this kind of journey! No, this isn’t just a withdrawal is it!?

Mashu: Master, please don’t fall behind.

Sorry, but my feet… Let’s fight them!

Mashu: If it's like that, then...

Mashu: At this rate, there's no other choice than to fight back

Jeanne: Please wait. I can see something at the front, it’s…. the French army!

Jeanne: There are wyverns! Those reinforcements aren’t for us!

Mashu: Master, they’re coming!

Prepare to fight! We don’t have a choice!

Mashu: Understood, we need to finish what we started don’t we, Senpai!

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