Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 8-4-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Berserk Assassin: Wyverns. Eat the soldiers first.

Jeanne: Taaaaaaaaaaa!

Jeanne fought to protect the French soldiers, ignoring the well-known fact that she was feared and hated.

Jeanne: Haa, haa, haa….

Soldier: H, Hey. Over there, the “Dragon Witch”..…

Soldier: But why is she fighting the dragons?

Soldier: Don’t know. But good timing, defeating them together wouldn’t be so bad.

Soldier: They burned down my hometown. It doesn’t matter as long as they are taken down!


Berserk Assassin: Defending the weak, how Saint-like.

Berserk Assassin: They’re just carefreely sightseeing as that woman attracts the wyverns.

Jeanne: Please leave me!

Berserk Assassin: Fufu, how stubborn. You’re being overpowered, go ahead, how about asking for help from the French army?

Berserk Assassin: Oh, excuse me. You are the “Dragon Witch”.

Berserk Assassin: This saint that was also cruelly burned at the stake, sent to hell and has been resurrected for the sake of revenge.

Berserk Assassin: What a beautiful, ephemeral, and laughable story. After all this time you’re still struggling.

Berserk Assassin: This time again, they still consider you an enemy.

Berserk Assassin: Are you listening, Jeanne D’arc? What kind of feelings do you hold right now?

Berserk Assassin: Do you want to die? Or perhaps you want to kill?

Berserk Assassin: Within the soldiers’ hearts, is a stake, like the flag you hold, that irresistibly wishes to pierce you to your death.

Jeanne: … normally I would be frustrated by this. But it seems your strategy is to put me into despair.

Jeanne: Sorry but I’m an optimistic person. Even if I’ve become the enemy and hated, I will always have the strength to stand.

Jeanne: That’s that, and I think it’s a good thing.

Berserk Assassin: Are you insane, woman?

Jeanne: Perhaps, when I rose and fought for France, I was often told I was insane.

Berserk Assassin: I see, light or dark, either way both are insane!

Berserk Assassin: Wyverns!

Jeanne: Ku…!

Just when Jeanne thought she's finished, a familiar voice echoed through the sky.

???: Artillery, fireeeeee!

Jeanne: What…?

Berserk Assassin: Ku….!

Jeanne: Gilles!

Gilles: Prioritize the dragons! Fire all cannons!

Jeanne: Now’s my chance!

Berserk Assassin: Why you…!

With a elegant slash, Jeanne injured Carmilla, took away her power.

Berserk Assassin: Ku… as expected of the Ruler. You’ve even sealed my powers…!

Berserk Assassin: We’re retreating. Lancelot! Sanson!

Jeanne: Stop!

Lancelot: ……A…..Aurrrrrrrr!!!

However, one of them didn't retreat, and attacked Jeanne instead.

Mashu: What….!?

Sanson: …. Well, it seems that Jeanne D’arc has pulled his heartstrings.

Sanson: What now, Carmilla? It’s no use trying to communicate with him.

Berserk Assassin: …. We’re withdrawing. We have no obligation to associate ourselves with that insane black knight.

Berserk Assassin: Lancelot. Make yourself useful with the time you have left. Fight until your life burns out!

Lancelot: …..Aurrrrrrrrrr!!

Jeanne: Ku….! Why, me…!? (Editor's note: Blame Takeuchi)

Mashu: St, Stop! Master, this is our once in a lifetime opportunity!

Mashu: We’ve pushed the knight back, if we keep it up we can defeat Lancelot!

Ok, let’s do this! Eh, no matter how hard I look I can’t see him!

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