Friday, November 18, 2016

[English] Orleans 10-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Mashu: Jeanne and Marie should be contacting us soon.

Mashu: We should try our best as well. We’ll reach Thiers soon.

Amadeus: Thiers…. I believe it was known as a town of cutlery. I see the town, it seems it hasn’t been destroyed yet.

Mashu: Doctor, do you read any servants?

Dr. Roman: Searching….. ok, within Thiers are two servants.

Dr. Roman: Quickly, try to get in contact with them.

Mashu: …. Right now, flames are rising from the town.

Amadeus: That grinding noise…. How horrible. Oh how horrible…. This feeling, never before such an evil sound, never before such evil magic!

Amadeus: Oh goddesses, lend me your saving hands! What an unsettling premonition, I cannot stop shivering….!

We should hurry Let’s confirm what it is

Mashu: Und, understood! Everyone, follow me!

When they arrived at the site, before them was easily the most frightening scene they have ever encountered in their journey.

???: Why you! Why you, why you, why you! You’re! Impudent! Far East! Country squirrel!

???: Ufufufufu. Who’s really the impudent one? You can’t even become a dragon, I am the one who is the true dragon!

???: Did you really think you won? Elizabeth-san?

Elizabeth: Uuuuu! You can’t make me angry! Before I take care of Carmilla, I’ll kill you first!

Elizabeth: You marsh stalker!

???: I am no stalker. I was just simply secretly watching you from behind to protect you.

???: I am Kiyohime, the woman who lives for love.

Elizabeth: Your love is a violation of human rights!

Kiyohime: I don’t want to hear that from a pervert with a bloody torture fetish.

Kiyohime: Anyways this is about you, if you didn’t do that then what would’ve you done?

Elizabeth: What do you mean by that!? What do you mean by what!? I don’t know what you’re talking about, please stop spouting nonsense!!

Kiyohime: …..What? Elizabeth, impossible you--

Elizabeth: AAAAAA! Shut up shut up shut up! Prepare to die!

Kiyohime: Just go ahead and try!


Amadeus: Stop! Stop!! Any more would be inexcusable, your voices, these sounds, what blasphemy!

Could they be saints? They couldn’t possibly be saints

Amadeus: Of course not! Otherwise it would be the day they feel my wrath! If they were Saints then the world’s religions would be flipped upside down!

Mashu: An, anyways please stop….! You two!

Elizabeth: Huh, what!

Kiyohime: I’m busy. Why don’t you come back the day before yesterday.

Elizabeth: Ha. Soon you won’t be so busy. Until the next Holy Grail War!

Kiyohime: … pfft. Frill-necked lizard.

Elizabeth: Rat snake!

Kiyohime: Beaded lizard.

Elizabeth: Viper!

Mashu: Aah, geez!

Amadeus: Uh, urrgh… my ears are dying…. These filth…. Ah, no, wrong wrong, that’s forbidden, I promised Marie….

Amadeus: Anyways, Mashu-kun.

Mashu: What!?

Amadeus: It’s good that they are the enemy. For the sake of protecting this town, we must first start with cleaning them up!

Elizabeth: Black Mamba!

Kiyohime: Lizard!

Amadeus: Let’s go! After we defeat them this nonsense will also stop!

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