Friday, November 18, 2016

[English] Orleans 10-4-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Mashu: The enemies’ attacks are slowing down….

Elizabeth: Gugugugu…!

Kiyohime: ….. muuuuu.

Mashu: It seems we can’t let these two continue.

Amadeus: ….. It’s no good, I’m at my limits. I’m going to throw up, ugh. I’ll have to entrust you guys to defeat them.

Siegfried: I’m unable to fight, all I can do is silently watch.…. Sorry.

You two, stop now! It’s not good to fight!

Elizabeth: What?

Kiyohime: Did you say something?

Mashu: Um, you two seem to fight a lot---

Elizabeth: Go away

Kiyohime: Being reckless is not the same as being courageous, are you a daredevil?

Better than being a reptile You’re a primitive mammal

Mashu: Ma, master? Aren’t you getting a little too angry?

Elizabeth: … An idea just came to me.

Kiyohime: I’m sure it has. For that thoughtless remark, you’ll be regretting it in the bottom of hell.

Kiyohime: Elizabeth, I’m going ahead!

Elizabeth: Yes, you’re right. Don’t get cocky just because you defeated those small fry wyverns!

Elizabeth: I’ll show you the terror of a true dragon.

Mashu: I thought that those two wouldn’t work together!?

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