Monday, November 21, 2016

[English] Orleans 10-4-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister
The party defeated the two kittens

Kiyohime: I’m, I’m defeated….. Kyuu.

Elizabeth: Not, not bad…. I’ll, I’ll let you go this time….

Mashu: Now that you’ve calmed down, will you listen to our story?

Elizabeth: …. What is it?

Kiyohime: You don’t plan on finishing off the defeated snake, or should I say loser snake.

Mashu: Calling her a defeated snake…. Umm, have you seen any other servants?

Elizabeth: I have seen some servants who had went mad. Like that person over there.

Kiyohime: I don’t mind dying together but. I am a Berserker that can perfectly understand words.

Elizabeth: What.

Kiyohime: What?

Amadeus: …. Ah, I remember. When I was alive, I saw that quite often. Cats fighting. Aren’t you going to continue fighting?

Amadeus: Look, even now their heads are hitting each other going fugyagugogegeogogo! Go ahead make that sound!

Elizabeth: I’m not going to!? But that’s Shamisen, you’re talking about Shamisen aren’t you!

Kiyohime: I don’t know how many times I have to say this but let’s die together!

Mashu: Anyways! Have you or have you not seen any other servants besides the “Dragon Witch” or Carmilla?

Mashu: Master…. It seems that is a waste of our effort.

Looks like this was a miss… Too bad.

Kiyohime: Besides Elizabeth, isn’t a bit insolent to refer to me as a “miss”?

Elizabeth: Wait, what do you mean “too bad”! How dare you say it’s “too bad” to have met me!?

We are searching for a Saint We don’t have any use for anyone besides a Saint.

Kiyohime: ….. hm. Your quick counterattack was not bad. Anyways, a Saint?

Kiyohime: Within this country are deeply rooted teachings of a Saint, there should be someone around here that has some knowledge of a Saint.

Mashu: Really!?

Kiyohime: Yes, I encountered someone before I met Elizabeth.

Kiyohime: I had a dangerous fight there but, he helped me realize I was a Berserker by using his sword.

Kiyohime: His true name was Saint George. He was a famous Saint wasn’t he?

Dr. Roman: George! There was a famous Saint called St. George….. Yes, he should be able to help us.

Dr. Roman: Do you know which way he went?

Kiyohime: Unfortunately. We split off in opposite directions, he went westward.

Mashu: West then…. That was the direction Jeanne-san’s group went. I’ll contact them now!

Mashu sent a message to Jeanne's Facebook Mashu contacted Jeanne through their magical devices...

Jeanne: …. Yes, don’t worry. I was able to detect a servant.

Jeanne: I’m heading to his position now.

Jeanne and Marie quickly met a strong-looking Servant

Georgius: You there stop. Who are you?

Marie Antoinette: I am a servant, Rider class. My true name is Marie Antoinette.

Georgius: …. I see, I can see you weren’t turned mad.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, we are fighting against them. We’ve been looking for you.

Georgius: I see. And is she a Saint?... Do you prefer to remain nameless.

Georgius: This town also, was attacked by the wicked dragon and the witch. I was somehow able to stop them but next time would be impossible.

Jeanne: …. Well then, why don’t we work together?

Jeanne: We need your help to remove the curse on the Dragon Slayer.

Jeanne: But, because there are several curses, both you and I must work together to remove them.

Georgius: I see, I understand the situation.

Georgius: … the townspeople have already started to evacuate. Once they are all evacuated, let’s depart.

Jeanne: Thank you so very much!

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