Tuesday, November 22, 2016

[English] Orleans 10-5-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Georgius: A wyvern attack? It seems to be quite large for a place like this.

Jeanne: No, it’s not like that. This feeling… the “Dragon Witch”…!

Georgius: What did you say…!

Jeanne: George, let’s retreat! As we are now, we would be powerless against them!

Georgius: …. Even if you say that I can’t.

Jeanne: ah…..

Georgius: Yes, not all the townspeople have evacuated yet. I am like this town’s mayor, it is my duty to protect them.

Georgius: It is my duty as a Saint to answer to these wishes, it is not permissible to ignore.

Jeanne: But…..!

Georgius: …. I understand. If we stay here we’ll probably die.

Georgius: But, even so I won’t leave anyone behind.

Marie Antoinette: George, your head, body, and your beard are tough isn’t it?

Georgius: What did you say?

Marie Antoinette: But, that part about you is very cute. I’m so moved.

Marie Antoinette: For that reason, please pass on that duty to me.

Jeanne: What…?

Marie Antoinette: I am the Queen of France.

Marie Antoinette: Though I exist in the future, the past is also my reality.

Marie Antoinette: To defend the townspeople is also my duty. And I will pass on another great task to you.

Marie Antoinette: Saint George. Please work together with Jeanne D’arc to remove the Dragon Slayer’s curse.

Marie Antoinette: By the name of Marie Antoinette. I will certainly protect this town.

Jeanne: Wa, wait please! Wait, please, wait! Marie!

Jeanne: Marie, let’s fight together! It’s no use going alone, if we fought together then…

Marie Antoinette: Non. It makes me very happy to hear that but it’s no use Jeanne.

Marie Antoinette: I’m certain, I was summoned here for this purpose.

Marie Antoinette: It wasn’t to hate the enemy, or to defeat the enemy. It was my destiny to be summoned to protect my people.

Marie Antoinette: This time, I will make sure to protect the ones important to me. For the sake of protecting my precious country. The just thing to do is to stay behind.

Marie Antoinette: Ah, but please apologize to Amadeus for me. I won’t be able to listen to his piano after all.

Marie Antoinette: He was six years old, I was seven years old. Since that time, we’ve only kept passing each other, didn’t we?

Jeanne: Marie….!

Marie Antoinette: George-sama, is this all right with you?

Georgius: …. It’s fine, as long as you are. I accept this role with my head bowed down.

Jeanne: Marie….

Marie Antoinette: Well now, go Jeanne. To have fought, under your flag, was a grand honor.

Jeanne: Yes…. I’ll be waiting for you.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, I’ll catch up in no time.

Marie intercepted the enemy, buying time for the party to retreat.

Marie Antoinette: Sanson, you’ve come haven’t you?

Sanson: Of course I would. Proper certification is required for execution. In your original life, and here as well.

Sanson: There is no one else more qualified to execute you besides me. That is what you’re actual feeling as well aren’t you, Marie?

Marie Antoinette: ….. um…. Please wait, Sanson. I know that you are a great executioner.

Marie Antoinette: Because even though you are brutal and relentless, you most definitely despise criminals.

Marie Antoinette: I know that you had deep respect for the guillotine.

Marie Antoinette: But, because of that you’re the only one who can execute me? Isn’t that strange?

Sanson: It isn’t strange at all. I was born into an executioner’s lineage, I was only taught things surrounding execution.

Sanson: I cannot agree with you. Not just your heartfelt speech. After all, you dare to refuse my execution.

Sanson: It goes without saying that great executioners make sure that criminals suffer in pain. That is what I plan to do to you.

Sanson: What a great pleasure. Those final moments, how unbelievably good it feels.

Sanson: All my mind can think of is your beheading. The greatest moment in my life was the one grand strike of decapitating you.

Marie Antoinette: ……….

Sanson: That is why this is fate. No matter what, I had to meet you again and ask you this.

Sanson: Please listen, Marie.

Sanson: How was my execution? How was it to be welcomed to your death?

Marie Antoinette: …. Sanson, I can see you’re serious, from the bottom of your heart you are expressing respect towards me.

Marie Antoinette: But sorry, this is a little, impossible. It really is impossible…

Marie Antoinette: Unfortunately your perverted hobby doesn’t suit me. Sorry but I’m not giving a second kiss.

Sanson: Yes, I already know. But I’m sure you will be happy. Because compared to last time, I’ve gotten a lot better.

Sanson: This is why I was summoned as a servant. Once again, you will give me the pleasure of your death.

Meanwhile, with Mashu's group...

Mashu: If you hurry you might still make it!

Siegfried: Yes. Even for the sake of reviving me, it would be a huge loss to lose you.

Dr. Roman: I’ve detected something. Unfortunately it’s more enemies. Hurry and defeat them!

Let’s fight with all our strength Understood

Mashu: Yes, master! Please step aside from there…!

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