Tuesday, November 22, 2016

[English] Orleans 10-5-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister
Marie Kirakira'd Sanson...

Sanson: No, impossible…!? Why did I lose….!?

Sanson: Since then I’ve killed so many, why, even though I became many times stronger, why….!?

Marie Antoinette: How sad isn’t it, Charles-Henri Sanson. I’m glad to have another chance to meet you.

Marie Antoinette: Last time, our connection ended too quickly.

Marie Antoinette: Your blade has really rusted.

Marie Antoinette: You took advantage of France’s perilous troubles and killed many people. You only grew sharper as murderer.

Marie Antoinette: Being a murderer and executioner is different, Sanson. You became better at being a murderer.

Marie Antoinette: By saving sinners, your executioner’s blade has rusted.

Marie Antoinette: When you joined the Dragon Witch’s side, you no longer were the Sanson I knew.

Sanson: You’re wrong…. Yes, that’s impossible…! I always believed you would come back! That is why I continued to become stronger.

Sanson: I wanted to see you once more, I wanted to get better at beheading, all for the purpose of that ecstatic feeling.

Sanson: If I had done so, then I thought you would for certain forgive me…!

Marie Antoinette: …. Because you are such a pitiful, and cute person. I have no feelings of hatred towards you.

Marie Antoinette: From the beginning, you never had to apologize to me.

Sanson: a….aa, ah.

Sanson disappeared, happily...

Jeanne Alter: …. That makes it three people. How ironic for him to be one defeated so quickly.

Marie Antoinette: Hm, how unexpected, in the end the one left is the one person I hate most, perhaps there are two vampires in actuality.

Marie Antoinette: Good day, “Dragon Witch”-san. You’ve arrived quite late haven’t you?

Jeanne Alter: The other me ran away didn’t she. How unsightly.

Marie Antoinette: No, you’re wrong. She saw hope and took hold of it and followed it.

Jeanne Alter: One Rider servant, did you think adding an ally would make your forces stronger? How absurd.

Jeanne Alter: Speaking of absurdity, how pointless of you to stay behind.

Jeanne Alter: Did you come this far, alluded by ideas of protecting the townspeople?

Jeanne Alter: By none other than the ones that killed you? The ones that hoisted the guillotine to cut your head off!

Marie Antoinette: Yes, I’m disillusioned. For a witch, you didn’t even know that?

Marie Antoinette: You’re right, I was executed. I was scorned, I was despised.

Marie Antoinette: But even if so, the answer isn’t by destroying everything around you.

Marie Antoinette: I was appointed as queen by the people. Without any citizens, the queen would not have anyone to call her a queen.

Marie Antoinette: That goes without saying isn’t it? If they don’t wish, then they will leave.

Marie Antoinette: That is the fate of those that serve the country. I believe that after my execution, the people were able to be happy once again.

Marie Antoinette: Always saying Viva La France! As long as the stars shine brightly it’ll be alright.

Marie Antoinette: I’m confident in my words. “Dragon Witch”…

Marie Antoinette: But what kind of person are you really?

Jeanne Alter: … Shut up!

Marie Antoinette: Releasing Noble Phantasm. Eternal Shining Love: Crystal Palace!!

A crystal horse appeared in the bright light...

Marie Antoinette: …. Goodbye, Jeanne. Yes, I’m happy to have met you.

Marie Antoinette: As long as I was able to help Saint that saved France…. No, as long as I was able to help “my friend”.

Marie Antoinette: I am happy to perish brightly.

Marie Antoinette: Like the stars, like a flower. Like the wildest dreams.

Marie Antoinette: That is the servant. Marie Antoinette’s way of life!

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