Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[English] Orleans 11-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Jeanne: Mashu-san!

Mashu: Ah, thank god! This person is?

Georgius: I am called George

Amadeus: What happened to Marie?

Jeanne: Marie is…

Jeanne told Amadeus about Marie's noble sacrifice

Amadeus: I see. So she said she would stay behind. Mm, there was no helping it.

Amadeus: Please don’t mind me. No matter what we could’ve said she would’ve stayed behind anyways.

Amadeus: Marie was always quite the philanthropist. That was how she lived life, she accepted death knowing this.

Amadeus: More importantly, please hurry and remove Siegfried’s curse.

Jeanne: Un, understood!

Mashu: Amadeus-san…

Amadeus: I said it was alright. I understood this was a possibility. Come on. Do you remember what Marie said about my piano?

Amadeus: Those were her last words before she separated us. When I was alive, I wanted to make that come true.

Amadeus: Even if she had heard my piano, it probably wouldn’t have stopped her.

Amadeus: But anyways, I’ll have to bear separating her a second time. At least, this second time was much happier. It’s pointless to think we may meet again.

Mashu: Don’t you think you may meet again if you both once again became Heroic Spirits?

Mashu: Just like this time, you may be summoned onto a battlefield.

Amadeus: No, I don’t think that’s possible. There are so many other Heroic Spirits.

Amadeus: This time, was a miracle for both me and her to meet. Well, if an eccentric master decides to summon me then perhaps it would be a different story.

Amadeus: At any rate, I’ve become a bit tired. I’m going to excuse myself for a while, please call me when it’s time depart.

Mashu: Wait…

It’s no good, Mashu. Stop, Mashu.

Mashu: But, master.

Elizabeth: Let him be, anyone in his position would want to be alone.

Kiyohime: That’s right Mashu. You don’t understand a man’s heart.

Mashu: …. You’re right. Let’s end this discussion here.

Mashu: ….. Why are you here anyways?

Elizabeth: It doesn’t really matter does it?

Kiyohime: What do you have against us staying? We can provide our assistance in combat.

Mashu: Ah, I’m very thankful for that but….

Kiyohime: By the way Master.

Me? Watashi?

Kiyohime: Of course you. Although temporarily, why don’t we form a contract with each other, Master?

Kiyohime: Yes, just pointing out your pinky is enough.

Kiyohime: ~~Pinky promise if I lie I will drink a 1000 needles~~

Kiyohime: By this the contract is completed. Master, the contract is absolute, if you actually do lie you must drink a 1000 needles.

Kiyohime: You understand right? Well then, I’ll be in your hands.

Mashu: Master, Jeanne and George has successfully removed Siegfried’s curse!

Jeanne: Yes, there should be no problems. As expected, by myself I wouldn’t have been able to remove the curse.

Jeanne: …. It’s all thanks to Marie. Because of her, our lives were spared.

Jeanne: Just as she had protected us, I want to protect us all as well.

Jeanne: For the sake of this time period, this world, and this country. The “Dragon Witch”…. And her dragons must be defeated.

Siegfried: Alright, I can move properly. Thanking for taking care of me, I’m very sorry .

Siegfried: No, Master…. It would be more proper for me to call you that. All of you took care of me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Siegfried: So, in return I offer you my assistance. My body shall be your sword and shield, Master.

Siegfried: My true name is Siegfried. I am a servant that has no other talent besides killing dragons but it is an honor to fight alongside you.

Mashu: I hear something…. It’s wyverns!

Siegfried: …. It seems that is already my turn to fight. Please entrust this battle to me.

I’m counting on you. Good luck

Siegfried: Yes. Siegfried, heading out!

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