Saturday, November 26, 2016

[English] Orleans 11-2-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Amadeus: Huff. We managed to somehow lose them in the forest.

Amadeus: -kun and Jeanne are probably worried about us, let’s rest a bit before heading back to the camp.

Mashu: ….. um. Is it alright to ask you a question at this time?

Amadeus: Yes, it’s alright. Small or big either way is alright.

Amadeus: Because after all, tomorrow is decisive battle. It’s better to let it out instead of keeping it inside.

Mashu: …. Yes. I’m very sorry about what I said earlier….

Mashu: I’m talking about Marie’s death. You said this Amadeus.

Mashu: “The thing humans would choose to love most is themselves”. I just don’t understand.

Mashu: I, I mean, I understand the meaning. I mean the word “choose”, is what I don’t understand.

Mashu: I mean because, choosing to do the right thing is the morally good thing to do, but not doing so is morally bad.

Mashu: That was how I was taught. And also, that is what I feel is right.

Amadeus: Hmm. Then what do you think is right?

Mashu: That is…. Perhaps, save many lives and to acknowledge many lives.

Amadeus: That’s a pretty vague description isn’t it? Then in return, what if Ritsuka-kun wasn’t that kind of person?

Mashu: That’s……

Amadeus: I’m sorry, I responded back too harshly. But, that hesitation, don’t forget that discomforting feeling.

Amadeus: Mashu. You’re probably, a person that only recently gained freedom.

Amadeus: The freedom of choice can be frightening, from now on your conscience will waver.

Mashu: …. I see, I don’t know anything. I am, that’s….. because I don’t know anything about the outside world.

Mashu: Perhaps, from the beginning I never had the right to choose my growth.

Mashu: Because I…

Amadeus: My my. You really are pure white. As if an unwritten piece of sheet music.

Amadeus: But you know, it’s alright Mashu. Even if you are a lonely puppet,

Amadeus: It is your own duty to decide what kind of person you want to be.

Mashu: Duty…..? Do I have the right, am I even qualified?

Amadeus: Ah, it’s your duty. Of course you are qualified.

Amadeus: Every human has that responsibility. Because, humans are creatures with deep intellect.

Amadeus: Deciding what to like or hate, deciding what’s good or evil.

Amadeus: That’s something for you to decide. You don’t have to listen to what others say.

Amadeus: Humans are diverse. Not everyone is equal.

Amadeus: We’ve all learned many different things, seen many places. Because of that we are able to live a complete life.

Amadeus: Listen now, it’s not you shaping the world. It’s the world that shapes you.

Amadeus: And when you grow up someday, you must cross this world.

Amadeus: Whatever may be the case I wanted to leave evidence that I was here. And that’s what I did. I left behind my music.

Amadeus: Ah, even so, it wasn’t a big deal was it?

Mashu: ?

Amadeus: I mean, I mean I wasn’t even able to, see the final moments of my first love.

Amadeus: People loved what I had left behind, no matter how you look at it I lived a good life.

Amadeus: Although, that is good. Humans are dirty and unsightly. My conclusion is still the same.

Amadeus: There are criminals that can shine, there are also saints that make you sick to the stomach.

Amadeus: You are made by this world, as the world grows, so do you.

Amadeus: That is what it means to be human.

Amadeus: You must first receive from the world, only then you can understand what you can return back.

Amadeus: Whatever you may become, the troublesome part is what comes after.

Mashu: Amadeus-san….

Amadeus: But well, I’m sure you will make the best judgments and make the right decisions.

Amadeus: Just like my music and my life.

Amadeus: Humans will be humans, in the end their malice will be their ruin. After all, if not so then humanity can’t move forward.

Amadeus: Evil is basically, an obstacle for life to overcome so that they can prosper.

Amadeus: The moment when “evil” can’t be eliminated, is also the end of humanity. That is simply what I think.

Amadeus: …. It seems we’ve caught our breath back. Let’s end this break, Mashu. Let’s get back to everyone.

Amadeus: This might be the last time I talk with you. I wonder how this lecture sort of became a gala.

Amadeus: But, I’m glad to have one last talk with you. You are, from the beginning to the end, a fascinating person.

Amadeus: It may be because of this battle but, if Marie had never been here perhaps I would’ve proposed to you.

Mashu: …. Yes, thank you very much, great composer Amadeus. I won’t forget your words.

Amadeus: Good, you pass, mademoiselle.

Amadeus: I hope that you will remember. Whatever happens, when we separate the best thing to do is smile.

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