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[English] Orleans 11-3-b

Editor: Aister

Elizabeth: Heh, what’s wrong, I don’t taste good?

Kiyohime: Well then, let me personally help you that. Here you go, say ahh.

Mashu: ….. What are you doing so suddenly…!?

After a while...

Jeanne: …….

Amadeus: Hey, can you spare a second?

Jeanne: Ah, yes. Go ahead.

Amadeus: It’s dangerous to stop here. A loud and crude dragon is over there.

Jeanne: …… Amadeus. Marie was, kind to me.

Amadeus: Well of course. She loved everyone but the love she felt towards you was special.

Jeanne: I wonder why. Even though I am the same as any other French person….?

Amadeus: Hmm I wonder why. I don’t think it has anything to do with you being French.

Amadeus: Whether you’re from Britain, Spain, or the Far East, to Marie it wouldn’t have mattered.

Amadeus: She was a young girl that loved you, respected you, and stood up for you.

Amadeus: In another sense, Marie was the same. She became the Queen at the age of 14, in Versailles she fought loneliness.

Amadeus: Of course, it doesn’t compare to the war that you had to fight.

Amadeus: But a battlefield with bullet shells flurrying around and a political conspiracy back at home is not that much different.

Amadeus: Even so, she had staked her life. I’m sure, that’s why she felt sympathetic towards you.

Jeanne: Because we were both people who fought alone in the battlefield…?

Amadeus: That’s just one reason. One reason that she felt so attached to you.

Amadeus: For Marie, it was only natural for her to protect the ones she loved.

Amadeus: Whether it’s a family member, a stranger, a servant, or citizen.

Amadeus: Though, sheltering a girl so much that she doesn’t understand hardship is also like an out of sync sound.

Jeanne: …. Yes you’re right. From now on, I’ll protect my friends just like she has.

Jeanne: There wasn’t anything else we could’ve done back there but even so, it was painful for the both of us.

Jeanne: …. That’s what I believe.

Amadeus: A friend hm. Yes, your beliefs, for Marie it was your greatest gift to her.

Amadeus: Marie and I did share one thing in common. We were both blessed with meeting amazing friends.

Amadeus: She was granted a second time to live. This time also, she always had a fluffy atmosphere.

Jeanne: Yes….. but, I consider you to be a comrade. Don’t think the same of ?

Amadeus: Aah, no good no good. Because I don’t think so. Marie had also said this before. Fundamentally I am unsightly human.

Amadeus: I only love music. That’s the way I lived life and I pride myself on it.

Amadeus: That is why I can’t make any friends. That way I could leave behind as many compositions as I could.

Amadeus: As long as humans wish for happiness, then self-loathing can never end.

Amadeus: Yes. But thank you, Jeanne D’arc. Marie would probably never regret this.

Jeanne: She had been defeated by the enemy…. No, but revenge doesn’t matter.

Jeanne: I will make her wish come true. I will certainly save France.

Meanwhile, in Jeanne Alter's castle

Jeanne Alter: Gilles are you here?

Gilles: Yes, I am here!

Jeanne Alter: Marie Antoinette has burnt out but how is Sanson?

Gilles: He is under treatment. But his spirit is already exhausted.

Gilles: We’ve captured the shell of his spirit but this is his limit as a soldier.

Jeanne Alter: …….. I see. In that town, George had escaped.

Jeanne Alter: Marie’s strong resolution of death did a good job of letting him escape.

Gilles: I see. The enemy loses one, in exchange for a new one.

Jeanne Alter: I have no fear of their forces but I have a strange feeling. Continue watching them.

Berserker Saber: Hey, it seems that may not be necessary.

Jeanne Alter: Saber? I thought I ordered you to patrol the south east side.

Berserker Saber: That is no longer necessary, Master. They are straight ahead towards Orleans.

Berserker Saber: It seems they wish for a decisive battle. I believe that’s what you wish for as well?

Jeanne Alter: …. So they’ve stopped running away. They think that they can win?

Berserker Saber: Yes, you’re right. They’ve gained quite a few servants.

Berserker Saber: Although we have dragons, it seems this will be an all-out battle.

Jeanne Alter: Are you having fun?

Berserker Saber: Of course. It’s because I’ve been maddened after all. To me, destroying is fun, and to be destroyed is also fun.

Berserker Saber: Now Master, your commands.

Jeanne Alter: Prepare for the last battle. Gilles, gather all the remaining servants.

Gilles: Understood. I’ll gather the scattered dragons in France as well.

Jeanne Alter: …. If we win then the world shall be destroyed. If we lose, then there will be nothing.

Jeanne Alter: The world has already ended long ago ended. We are here simply to repair it, the past was an endless journey.

Jeanne Alter: Even so. Even so, we and they are affirming the world.

Jeanne Alter: That is why we shall defeat them. I won’t let go my grasp on this world.

Jeanne Alter: That is my and Gilles wish….. This, this wish. This is my true earnest wish.

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