Friday, December 2, 2016

[English] Orleans 11-4-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Siegfried: Between us all, the ones that have experience leading an army…. Seems to be just me.

Siegfried: Most importantly to me, it’s just not the same without my amazing army to defeat this enemy.

Siegfried: Anyways our numbers are few and are enemies are many.

Siegfried: However, the most of the enemy is weaker than us. In that case, there are two entry points.

Siegfried: We can break through the front and have a team sneak through the back. However, the enemy has long sensed our location.

Siegfried: Meaning that by trying to be sneaky, we would have already been seen……. In short, this is the strategy.

Both: Break through the front.

Siegfried: …. That’s it.

Siegfried: Master and I shall group together to defeat Fafnir.

Siegfried: The rest are servants and wyverns so please cover us from them.

Siegfried: Whether we are able to defeat Fafnir or not. That will be the turning point of the war.

Mashu: ….. Understood. I may be inexperienced but I shall put my all in fighting.

Elizabeth: Ah, little puppy. There’s sort of someone I want to meet and take down first.

Elizabeth: Is it alright for me to get her first?

I don’t mind. Who do you plan on fighting?

Elizabeth: Good, thanks.

Elizabeth: Well, just a servant for various reasons.

Elizabeth: As long as I can accomplish my goal I’m not complaining…. I may be free afterwards so I guess I could you help you.

Jeanne: I will…. Probably inevitably face the “Dragon Witch”.

Georgius: Can you win?

Jeanne: …. Yes, I will win.

Jeanne: Even if it’s a 1 to 10000 chance that she is the real Jeanne D’arc, I shall still win.

Amadeus: Yes, though I don’t really believe in fate. I’ll distract the wyverns.

Kiyohime: Well then…. I will be by Master’s side and spewing fire.

Kiyohime: Come on. Don’t you know that disturbing my love means to be rushing to your death.

Dr. Roman: I’ll trust you to explore your surroundings.

Dr. Roman: This is where the fight will be, I’ve prepared nutritional drinks and a bucket sized sake cup!

Mashu: Doctor…. That would be counterproductive. We might get a stomach-ache so wouldn’t it better not to drink anything…?

Dr. Roman: I’m sure it would be refreshing if you tried!? Anyways, I’m counting on you!

Siegfried: In other words, no one has any other problems do they? Well then, Master, we wait your commands.

Let’s fight! Let’s win!

Jeanne: Understood! To Orleans!


  1. There is nothing translated after the first decision but the first dialogue line