Saturday, December 3, 2016

[English] Orleans 13-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Jeanne Alter: Hello, my other remainder filthy self.

Jeanne: …. No. I’m no remainder, and you’re not either, “Dragon Witch”.

Jeanne Alter: …….? You are me aren’t you? What are you trying to say?

Jeanne: …… Right now, nothing I say will reach you.

Jeanne: Once this fight ends, then we can wholeheartedly talk about anything you wish.

Jeanne Alter: Nonsense….! Behold this dragon! Behold this cluster of dragons!

Jeanne Alter: Our homeland has become a nest for dragons!

Jeanne Alter: They will consume every single living thing and turn France into a barren wasteland!

Jeanne Alter: This shall be the world’s conclusion. This shall be the world’s fall.

Jeanne Alter: At the world’s end the dragons shall destroy each other. An unending conflict, an unending hunt.

Jeanne Alter: This is the true Hundred Years’ War. The Wicked Dragons’ Hundred Years’ War!

Just then, a figure, familiar to both side, appeared

Jeanne Alter: What….!?

Jeanne: ...Gilles...!

It was Gilles, however, in him there was no insanity, nor evil

Gilles: Fire! This is the critical point for the defense of France! All shells fire, fire, FIRE!

Gilles: Do not fear! Do not lament! Do not fall back! If you are truly human, then fight with your life!

Gilles: I’ll say this again! We shall never fear! The reason for that is because…

Gilles: The Saint is before us!

Jeanne: …. Gilles….!

In him, there was a fire, burning brightly, yearning for justice

Jeanne Alter: …. Hmpf. What a strong conviction, it makes me want to vomit. Wyverns!

Jeanne Alter: This Saint, this army, this motherland of France! Burn everything to the ground!

Siegfried: Hmph. This is the 3rd time that we meet again.

Siegfried: It seems that whether it is a different space-time, world, or form we are always tied together!

Jeanne Alter: Siegfried…!

Siegfried: Wyverns! Wicked dragons! I am right here! Siegfried is right here!

Siegfried: Once more I shall throw you back into the darkness. I swear it upon my justice and faith!!

Jeanne Alter: My servants, move forward!

Just then, among the enemy's rank, something happened

Berserker Saber: Hey everyone! Remember, good health is most important!

Berserker Saber: I am Chevalier D’eon. Although I may be fighting on the side of evil my sword has not clouded.

Berserker Saber: Now, fight with all your strength! For the sake of destroying this evil!

Berserk Lancer: …. So you’ve let out your true colors. How depraved, how wretched, are you not ashamed?

Berserk Lancer: However, above all else, to be destroyed is most shameful. I, a mere puppet in a pathetic body, shall be the one to request a wish from the Holy Grail.

Berserk Lancer: Celebrate for I am the immortal vampire.

Berserk Lancer: See the stories of my fiction, what I have truly left behind.

Mashu: Master! They’re coming! The French army is luring the wyverns!

Mashu: This is where we fight!

I’m counting on you, Mashu! Let’s fight, Mashu!

Mashu: Understood! For victory!

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