Saturday, December 3, 2016

[English] Orleans 13-1-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Berserker Saber: …. Complete defeat. Now I am free from this curse.

Berserker Saber: I give my thanks to you. And I give my apologies to my beloved Queen.

Berserker Saber: My sincerest apologies my Queen. Please forgive my mistake.

Berserk Lancer: Will this be where I meet my end? Has my dreams, my ambitions, again been destroyed….

Berserk Lancer: Hmph. And to be defeated by the “Dragon Slayer”. How ironic.

Berserk Lancer: I see. It’s just exactly as they say. I am “Dracula”.

Berserk Lancer: It seems that it is only natural for the slayer of evil dragons to also slay evil.

Berserk Lancer: Good, I shall allow it. Also, the master over there.

Berserk Lancer: I will now leave this battlefield. Next time, I permit you to summon me.

Berserk Lancer: If you do so, then at time I shall show you the true essence of my spear.

Berserk Lancer: I am sure that you will shine brightly and become the country’s spear of protection.

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