Thursday, December 8, 2016

[English] Orleans 13-2-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Mashu: Haa, haa, haa……

Sanson: Fuuu…. Aaaaaa……..aaaaa….!

Amadeus: What an inseparable relationship. No matter how properly I behave he keeps on coming.

Amadeus: Hey executioner. Did you break up with Marie?

Sanson: Ama….deus…? Aaaamaaadeuuuuusssss….!

Amadeus: Haha. Why are you getting so agitated? Was that bit about Marie over the top?

Amadeus: Or perhaps it’s because even though we are both filthy humans, I am still a 100 times better?

Sanson: HaAa, stop messing around. Stop messing around Amadeus….!

Sanson: I won’t be defeated by you! You are the one person I won’t be defeated by…!

Amadeus: …. What!? Did you, just now regain your consciousness!?

Amadeus: Ah jeez. It seems I said one too many words. However, the result isn’t so bad.

Amadeus: Charles-Henri Sanson. Are you prepared to face me?

Amadeus: It can’t be helped that you are so energetic. After all, my piano piece is overflowing with energy.

Sanson: Do as you please. I shall start by cutting off your fingertips. That’s just who I am, Amadeus.

Sanson: Since long ago, I’ve planned to make you fall into the pleasures of your music of death, for I can’t help but hate and hate your requiem!

Amadeus: Tch, you really seem to be like the gloomy athletic type of guy. Speaking of which what strength you have, you really are the athletic type.

Amadeus: Sorry, but please lend me your hand, Master! It’ll be Marie’s parting gift, let’s fight with a big bang!

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