Sunday, December 25, 2016

[English] Orleans 14-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Jeanne: Let’s settle this battle with the “Dragon Witch”

Mashu: Master, let’s go as well!

Mashu: Let’s leave the other servants to finish off the remnants and we should follow the “Dragon Witch”.

Siegfried: That’s right. Please leave this to me. Take Kiyohime and Elizabeth.

Kiyohime: Understood. I’m in your hands, Master.

Elizabeth: That’s all right but. Hey, but why us?

Siegfried: (Elizabeth’s Noble Phantasm is way too loud…..)(Kiyohime spews fire that hits both friend and foe…..)

Georgius: (Both their Noble Phantasms……)

Amadeus: (Elizabeth has the world’s worst Noble Phantasm, is what I want to say)

Elizabeth: ???

Kiyohime: What….?

Mashu: Ahem. L, let’s go you two!

Meanwhile, in the castle

Gilles: Fafnir has been destroyed, the wyverns will soon….

Jeanne Alter: I know. Let’s summon a new servant.

Gilles: oo!

Jeanne Alter: Gilles, in the meantime I’ll let you take care of defense. I’m counting on you.

Gilles: Understood. I shall prepare my Noble Phantasm, “Text of the Sunken Spiraled City: Prelati’s Spellbook”.

Gilles: In that time please take your time to summon a powerful servant.

Gilles: How about King Arthur?

Jeanne Alter: I don’t think England’s knights will respond to my summons…. I’ll summon what I can.

Jeanne Alter: Well then, may fortune be with us.

Gilles: Yes, Jeanne. May glory be with us.

While Jeanne Alter was hurriedly summoning a new servant, Mashu's team also hurried up trying to prevent that from happening

Jeanne: Hurry! If we’re too slow another new servant will be summoned!

Elizabeth: I, I know but! But look, I can see a glimpse of the castle.

Elizabeth: That’s how you say, that hobby is, come on?

Ah, that’s the worst! Ah, that’s most vile!

Kiyohime: You reek of blood. You don’t clean up, you don’t wash yourself, you are disgusting.

Kiyohime: You love that castle and you’re a blood hungry savage.

Elizabeth: …. That’s, that’s right! It isn’t good to be like this, is it!?

Mashu: Master, it’s the enemy! Let’s clean this up quickly!

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  1. Thanks for the translation! Really helps with the story.